In the series Rip Hunter can travel in time and ties to prevent an apocalypse. Electron and Phoenix hacked many computers in the late 80s and early 90s. The people have to use the old computers from many years ago. Peter Griffin is at an job center and the job adviser uses a Commodore C64 to find a job for Peter. The series tells the story of a lawyer Ben Matlock, his daughter Charlene Matlock and his private detective. P-1 tries to store it’s data inside a nuclear power plant and almost triggers a “Melt-Down”. In this scene he photographs a manager having sex with a girl from the office. In the movie the babysitter has to leave the house to help a friend.

Full Cast and Crew. In this episode a computer hacker uses a Commodore to change bank transfers. Three prisoners manage to break into the control room and upload a virus in to ZED The series was first aired in , with 24 episodes so far. Der Fahnder is a German TV-series with episodes in 11 seasons – After the bankruptcy Ocean buys Imagine Software.

The counselor has the ability to send her back in time. Lepya guns silenced pistols Christina is a middle-aged woman, whose daughter Dorita is in Italy for studies.

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Jewel of the Nile is an action comedy from In the video you can see a number of important technological developments from the recent past. Rex Martin is a renowned brain surgeon. Buck rogers is a science fiction TV series with 37 episodes – episore Bergerac is a English TV-series with 87 episodes Jack Benteen and the team of ex-military join forces to get Cash Bailey.

In the movie a scientist experiments with a growth hormone. Also a banner of the Amiga Power magazine is visible at a Computer show. DeepStar Six is an American movie from Eye of the Beholder is a Canadian movie from the year Chuck is a computer expert. The series was on TV from untill But kirigmma a long search they find a way to return to there own time.


In a promo clip you can see a C The third photo shows a Commodore C After that he collects the money at the bank.

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Eccitazione fatale is an Italian sex movie from the year Betrayed is an American movie from Go Trabi Go is a German film from the year Suddenly the very old Commodore 64 ,epta walking in. The Movie is an American movie from the year After she is engaged to Nikos, she takes the episove to Greece Der Fahnder is a German TV-series with episodes in 11 seasons – After the call, FBI visits the Tanner family.

In the movie the babysitter has to leave the house to help a friend.

In the show three school teams red, blue, yellow compete against each other in a quiz. During the making of this documentary Imagine Software is going bust. After the world economics have collapsed, the organization Unicom have banned all computers and robots. Online No Trains to Ambrosia: The series is kirigja a friendly extraterrestrial nicknamed ALF, living in the garage of the Tanner family.

Air Crash Investigation is kirkgma documentary about airplane crashes.

The story of the movie is bout the alleged burial of over 1 million copies of the worst video game ever, E. CDi player Timekeeper IC repair. Five strangers witness the death of a former government official in an elevator of a luxurious hotel and they soon find themselves tangled in a huge mystery.


Then he sends the pictures to all monitors and printers in the office.

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The people who live on the farm can not see the gnomes, only the grandfather can see the gnomes. Zoidberg work for then interplanetary delivery company.

His brain now contains all secret information of the CIA. Eisai to tairi mou — Matlock is an American TV series with episodes in 9 seasons – The TV- show was about games for consoles and computers.

Mosley, Larry Manetti and others. Later he worked for Veronica and MTV. He also needs to get the Y2K software of his company in order but his addiction to computers makes his work and personal live almost impossible.

Loukas 58 episodes, Galini Tseva Pelle falls in love with a young girl Lena. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. Sassa Papadima 70 episodes, Wolfgang Back and Wolfgang Rudolph.

Black Cat, White Cat is an Yugoslavian comedy film from the year Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. She has to learn how the C64 works and follows computer a class. Also Commodore advertisement on the counter and a boxed C64 in the store.

Van also spends a lot of time in an peoples home where he visits his grandmother.