I’m just curious as that’s my draw length too. Wow that bow is smokin fast for 60lbs! I’m not interested in any super sonic, sub gr arrow speeds, but would be interested to hear what you guys might be getting with gr type setups. I originally bought the X Force GX 6″ brace height lbs took it to my local archery center had it set up shot a few arrows after the 4Th arrow the bow blew up in my face so I returned it and and I asked for the Dream season model. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I am also going to now include a stabilizer with this bow.

I’m including a PSE Phantom drop-away rest and a trophy ridge 6″ stabilizer. That is one smokin’ fast bow. It is also much, much smoother drawing than other offerings. Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners Want to buy or trade? The bow is very fast, and accurate. I purchased the Bow new and is in excellent hunting condition. Bow has lb adjustable draw weight and 26″30″ adjustable draw length.

Drury Outdoors Dream Season Dvds Strings, cams, modules and limbs Want to buy or trade? That is one smokin’ ose bow. Over all I am really happy with what I see so far and the addition of the black bow instead of the orange will be nice. I was hoping it would be faster than that! The shipping price does not include taxes, duties, etc once your receive an international order, that is your own responsibility.

Oh and are the draw lengths right on AMO this year? Can a guy still get the x7, without all the dream season junk all over it? Hybrid Fast Bow Weight: As with anything truly new, many shops don’t really know how to best tune it yet.


Negative feedback, or unfavorable bidding practices. These arrows shoot well out of this bow. Anyone shot the new X Force Seasoh Season yet?

Out of the box last year my bow was chronographed fps.

I purchased the Bow new and is in excellent hunting condition. A significant feature of the bow that is very easily noticed is I eream an ’08 model and just can’t get over how smooth the draw is for a “speed bow”. Not one of the ones with individule allen for each limb?

The bow can be used for hunting different types of animals. Also shot the Bow Madness bows!!! That limb looks scarry for how far beyond paralell it is.

Compound – Dream Season

Grip Pivoting HyperSplit limb pockets. EV Cam Bow Weight: The Precision Shooting Equipment bow is resistant to fluctuations in temperature and humidity in order to remain light and efficient. This Precision Shooting Equipment bow is a heavy-duty bow meant for use by archers with a strong pull. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items.

PSE X-Force Specifications

I hunt mostly open country mile deer so I decided to go with a longer axle to axle bow so I am selling this bow. Find More Posts by Alaska. Does that bow just have the single allen on each limb to adjust the draw weight? This is a bow I have killed plenty of deer this smoothest bow and accurate bow I have ever shot it has hha sight qad rest and a vibra check stabilizer with a jbk custom string on it and I have a another custom string that come with it also jbk so good luck bidding if you have any question feel free to call it has a 7inch brace height.


In like-new condition with no chips or blemishes except some minor wear at the rest and normal string wear.

We have a return policy that states the buyer can return the item for a refund if something is wrong. Suggestive of a great deal Outfitted with highly pre-loaded limbs this bow has minimal shock and vibration and. That thing is oh my god fast. I haven’t shot it my self so no real input, but a few guys I see at the range shoot it and love em Team Extreme Fiber Optic Sights. Find More Posts by hammer BB code is On.

TheB21, To me, that doesn’t make sense June 28th, Find More Posts by Waterfowler I shot at two animals last year, a coyote at 25 yds that never knew what hit him and a specd at apecs yds that I put a passthru shot on. The riser is a bit more aggressive looking than past X Force bows and gives the bow a look you reviewers either love or hate.

The cam system is the new HF or Hybrid Fast Cam System which incorporates an oversized design allowing maximum energy storage.