I notice that most written content on the website is provided by TeamLiquid and GameSpot, and that there is almost no editorial content at all. Bombastic StarLeague 5 BW. SamuraiX- Member Aug 27, Mairu Member Aug 27, This is a two part tournament, the first being a Korea versus the World team tournament, the second being a man single elimination tournament. EPS Germany Winter Obviously the portal is a new thing for us.

S S1 EU Qual. We think we are succeeding to a degree by having competitions like DreamHack and MLG awarding tier points, and we’re also seeing less overlap of major events. Trap was banking on the him being able to get away with a proxy because it’s a new map. Prizepool is kinda weird. Thread starter SamuraiX- Start date Aug 27, Afreeca Starleague S2 BW. Are there any extra protections in place for the online sections of WCS games? GSL Season 1 Twitch.

He almost did it again this month, only to have his hopes of a repeat dashed by the upstart Maru. There were some complexities this season with getting 22 ladder and all WCS maps aligned; we understand your concerns. Do you have any fears that the WCS points system might become a system of inequal opportunity when it comes to qualifying for the global finals? Are any particular steps being taken to avoid cheating in WCS and Starcraft eSports events in general?

Are there any current plans to extend this offline portion, and are there any concerns that this lack of offline play has an effect on the overall vision for WCS? Aaron Member Aug 28, What is the vision for maintaining or growing SC2 as an eSport?


The tour had the tournament format changed slightly, resulting in a longer season with slight changes with prize money in Code A. We want the best players playing. Great games today, except for Symbol who was sort of a dud. Events were limited to a few days or weeks of play with nationality-based limitations. They have managed to turn things around somewhat but i’m most interested in what changes leaguf make for next year.

StarCraft II World Championship Series

Definitely not an oversight. In short, we weren’t impressed with the viewership outside of the EU finals forand felt that the grand finals were nto as compelling as we hoped.

If there are players who want to take part in leaguue WCS, we want to make sure they maintain a professional tone for the sake of the competitors and viewers. Hell, Its Aboot Time. We’re always paying attention whether you realize it or not Malamutee: The continuity is nice. Bronze to Masters – Mentality.

More Korean invites to the seasonal finals? Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. We are looking at this for sure. Log In Log In Register.

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We’re always paying attention whether you realize it or not. We will continue to keep an eye on these decisions and whether they are contributing positively to the WCS system.


EPS Germany Winter Did they not feel that them actually being involved with the community was relevant? Extending the off-line process is simply a suggestion that seems most reasonable under the circumstances. Will we see more from the Blizzard guys other than WCS today?

Keep in mind that there were never regional requirements to compete in a tournament like GSL. What do you guys do to solve this problem? Most recent season or competition: EG Masters Cup Season 8.

It has been suggested that it would be possible for a series of subtle signals via vibrations could be used to tip off players to their opponents build order by someone watching the game on a stream or at the event itself.

If there are players in Korea that think they can win in America and want to commit their WCS play to that region for the entire calendar year and can be present to ,orea in all offline matchesthen the current “play-to-win” approach would be for them to make that decision. They just need to decide what region they would like to participate kprea and hop into a qualifier.