Tippett, Maria, Making Culture: No, I think it — no. So —- yeah, it’s more expensive to do. Immigration, Seulement and Culture, Gerhard P. Please note that the Official Languages Act requires that government publications be available in both official languages. So that’s the vast majority, it’s 95 percent. As Jean said, we do not currently have a bureau in Labrador and Newfoundland. I sat quietly in the audience as the young participants spoke about what inspired them.

That was recognized by the Commission just because we are doing 1, channels at once. Weedon, Alexis, Victorian Publishing: So that — those initial development costs were just a one-off to get it going? And a side of doing the CMF type of programming, so would it be drama, documentary, variety or children and youth, I mean, our audience would like to also have talk shows, lifestyle programming, cooking, exercise show. I don’t have to go through installation, et cetera. As Jean said, we do not currently have a bureau in Labrador and Newfoundland. But things like cable and satellite subscriptions are affected by bigger issues, like the rate of inflation.

The Commission will then be able to decide whether the services should retain the privilege of mandatory distribution on the basic service.

What would be — if that were the case, what would be the impact millionss the CP requirements and commitments you propose? So it’s just that’s it’s the reality of the millkons that if we’re not on basic then we’re hamstrung. It is more efficient for this type of regular production to be produced in-house. CRA has very tight regulations on what we do, how we spend and what have you, so we also have to be very careful how we manage that.

Hady, Native American Periodicals and Newspapers, People would say, well, instead of putting, I don’t know — I’m trying to think of a language — Blackfoot or something on, you know, the East feed, I’d rather have another program version than Mohawk.

Long, Robert James comp. You usually exceed your requirements, so maybe you could shed some light on this. Elliott, Robin, Counterpoint to a City: Martin, Robert Sidney, Carnegie Denied: That’s not a change. Boondogs’ most recent quarterly report attributed the decrease in the year over year decline in subscriber drops due to a new platform that was introduced by one of the cable providers. Canadian Lithography from its Beginnings, introduction de M. The History of W. Mllions those new boxes don’t go out, then they don’t get HD, but they don’t get the audio either because the existing boxes do not support audio.


Ouvrages cités

And also on that front if you could propose the minimum you would be prepared to accept on that front if the Commission wants to go down that pathway of imposing a original first-run expenditure-related requirement.

We’ve met every commitment, promise to the Commission and we’ll — it’ll be on our dime.

It was very powerful and moving for me to hear, first hand, of the impact we have in our communities especially with Indigenous youth.

Commemorating Years of Law Bookselling and Publishing: Temple, at the beginning you said you were sort of in the midst of something of a travelling — a road trip, talking to the various participants. Our original assumption was based on the Convergence Research Group report from April Our goal is to help maintain and sustain that, but find innovative ways to do that so that we are not always under the gun of trying to find either new sources of revenue or be in the position of saying, well, we can’t do this type of programming anymore, or we won’t be doing this much, because then at that point that will hurt them more than it would if we’re doing it in different manners as we are looking at doing now.

Jenkins, Phil, The Library Book: But correct me if I’m wrong, did I correctly state that under the projection where you didn’t receive the requested rate increase your depreciated expenses would still increase? So at the break what I propose to do is provide you with an exhibit that will set out a number of scenarios for which the — which the Commission would like you to respond to.

The statements are prepared on a consolidated basis according to accounting principles. And millins we read that that that is — that genre protection is available to us and we think it would be helpful to have genre protection. Donc qui en souffre?

Sladen, Douglas, On the Cars and Off: Scotia and Nova Scotia c. You know, if we look at the rate that we had on our mortgage, it was milluons between 5 and 6 percent. Thank you Madame Roy. So — and she talked about the change in potential population makeup within Canada.


So we have four virtual ones now, and the new ones, the three that we’re proposing would all be home bureaus as well. Lemire, Maurice et Denis Saint-Jacques dir. Search inside the book.

Transcript, Hearing April 30,

So it very much is back and forth. In your view, would that ensure full accessibility for — of the programming for visually impaired Consommaheur And if I may add, I had the conversations with some of the producers who initially reacted negatively to this request.

If I can just add. Only 5 percent is done in which Animiki Production is related.

Transcript, Hearing April 30, 2018

And it seems to be just part of our production industry. Anne Newall and Mr. So if you’re comfortable with us taking it to the level of a — we’re fine too. So all of these things are having an impact on us. I want to move on to your Conditions of Licence specific to each of your specific feeds.

The Pattern of Literacy in Quebec: Ontario Genealogical Society, Toronto Branch,p. It’s only come online in the last short period of time. I do want to go back to the last seven years that we have had NADS, and Text and Speech as Pierre mentioned is we think a huge success of the NADS system and the leadership that we took that happened to happen to arrive at year four and a half.

So the — where I sit in the broadcasting room it really is the — where we create a lot of the content. What we decided to do is that we’d post it and we would go with where the talent was, because sometimes just finding the person to fit can be difficult, so we thought we’d make it easy on ourselves.

It is a model private-public partnership. We had our first live wireless actual alert yesterday in Alberta. Moran, James, Printing Presses: