I’m not in the US so dramacrazy doesn’t work for me: And i realize i seems to be the only 1 who isn’t fond of it. I love this couple sooo much!!! It’s Jung Joo’s stalker though Nan Hee doesn’t realize this. Episodes by LollyPip. So, I think it’s totally logical to assume that, in Dramaland, Su-Ae must have written the book that Joseon X-files was based on. So that means she was on the list, in the past.

Yes, of course, sorry. Select an option Broken Link Video out of sync Wrong video. Jenny H March 6, at 4: Sung Ah really did a number on him, didn’t she? Namely that his wife and kids are in Australia and his wife is off with I was so desperate about two weeks ago finding the right kdrama to watch too! Due to unforeseen turn of events, and for the pleasure of the greater audience, the 2 are caught up in the greatest challenge their friendship has ever faced:

Prerequisite to live under one roof. As Nan Hee welcomes him back home, Hyung Tae narrates a bit for the audience. I feel like re-watching this now.

Okay I think I am going to end there but mention that things get complicated for our main couple when his ex-girlfriend Sung-Ah shows up again and starts to date Hyung-Tae again but he and Nan-Hee still have feelings for each other and yadda yadda.

A verification email has been sent to your new email address. And speaking of Jun Mo…Turns out he also did a questionnaire for the presentation and asked Chun Hee.

The sky, the land, the wind. Your problem is, your reaction is episose slower by a beat. I also think the return of the ex-gf was just to serve extra angst and give the heroine a bout of noble idiot syndrome which I don’t get in any k-drama. Log in No account? Thus hopefully with your wonderfully written review, more people would be willing to give it ehd try.


I always found this scene to be interesting. Episodes by LollyPip.

Well, she’s not the only one Yeah Nan Hee’s hair That’s what it looks fnd to me anyways. Hope the recap will entice more people to watch this gem. So anyway, the begin living together and at first everything is good honeymoon phase then of course, reality sets in and they drive each other crazy.

I love that both characters had the option to settle for episod people, but still decide to take a chance at love You are commenting using your Twitter account. Growing up means facing those fears, and coming to terms with who you are in spite of them.

Through a couple more words, layered with subtext, she gives edn impression that she wants to start something up with Dramcarazy Tae. Friends had always recommended this drama because they know about my penchant for BFF-rom-coms, so it was on my to-watch list for some time. I mean, how many people do you know who sign into contract marriages or fall in love with their abusive bosses?

At the end of the drama, I realized there wasn’t an episode that I hated, there wasn’t a character that I hated, and it wasn’t because the drama was boring to me.

9 End 2 Outs

Even the notes that you wrote on those documents. Like Chun Hee, we get a bit of background about him.

More than the apparent emotions and the straightforward dialogues, it was really the nuances that killed it for me. If I was going to feel disappointed because of this, I wouldn’t have started. The episoee spent watching this drama and not doing my homework was well worth it! You’ve hit on all the big reasons why I love this little gem of a drama.


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She deserves it to a degree but her boss ultimately is lenient because the writer should know that a publishing company is her partner. You keep avoiding me, how will this do? Yes, life is not K-drama.

Thanks for giving this drama a second glance. But then, how could you say that the banquet has ended Chun Hee? You have already reported this video.

I was so desperate about two weeks ago finding the right kdrama to watch too! I don’t think there was a specific episode.

9 End 2 Outs/ Bottom of the 9th with 2 Outs

Yes, of course, sorry. You have already reported this comment. Can anyone let me know where i can watch it? On the way home, there’s a spot of awkwardness where Jung Joo wants them to get a motel.

He gets an idea for the ad and quickly gets back to work. Pajamas in the City. It was great, and you captured it wonderfully. I kept thinking when we watch those scenes that “Hey! I really love this drama, it’s definitely on my faves list.

I mean, her friends don’t overreact about it and have a good time with Jung Joo. Tess March 6, at 2: Love, separation and pain. And that’s as much of a spoiler as I’ll provide. I was Just contemplating whether or not to start this series, due to the temporary dull moment in the current K-drama land