However, Face only learns this from Murdock after his father’s death. Nel ottiene grande successo impersonando il Tenente Scorpion nella serie TV Galactica e nel lungometraggio ispirato a essa. Throughout the film, Face matures from a womanizing joker to a calculating professional – to the point that, in the film’s climax, he , not Hannibal, plans the A-Team’s legal redemption. Lieutenant Templeton Arthur Peck , played by Dirk Benedict , is a fictional character and one of the four protagonists of the s action-adventure television series The A-Team [5] A recognized war hero, he is often referred to as The Faceman or simply Face – Phoenix in Spanish speaking countries. The name “Faceman” originates from a popular slang term used by girls for attractive male students during Stephen J. I nostri eroi vengono accusati ingiustamente di aver rapinato una banca e dunque sono costretti a vivere come mercenari costantemente in fuga. Archived from the original on

Bradley Cooper portrayed the character in the film, while Benedict appeared in a post-credits cameo. Face seems to have an affinity for heavier caliber revolvers as opposed to the rest of the teams. In the fifth-season episode “Family Reunion”, it is revealed that Face is Richard Bancroft , the son of former presidential adviser and convicted criminal A. Vediamo adesso i protagonisti dello show nel dettaglio, com’erano ieri e come sono oggi. Note that this is the birthdate of “Templeton Peck”; Richard Bancroft probably never learned his birthdate. The alternative ending has never been aired or released in any form. Similarly, in “Till Death Do Us Part” he marries an heiress that they rescue from a forced marriage so that her kidnappers will target him instead of her.

The following are the medals and service awards fictionally worn by Lieutenant in the movie adaptation. Cannell’s high school years – i.

This trait was written in to reflect Dirk Benedict’s own love of cigars; the early first-season episode “A Small and Deadly War” shows a contradiction to this – while smoking a cigar as part of his guise on a scam mission with Amy, he throws it away and comments “How can Hannibal stand those things?

Face plans the mission based on a classic confidence game including cranes and twam crates, and involving Murdock sberlx shot in the head. In the pilot episode, it is revealed in a discussion with an elderly priest, who it is suggested fi,m his mentor during his youth, that Face spent his youth at a Los Angeles orphanage run by the Catholic Church, although whether Face himself is actually Catholic is never revealed.


A-Team, il cast e i personaggi della serie cult ieri e oggi

Seguono La conquista del WestI vincitoriL’uomo che non sapeva amare e La caduta delle aquile From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Citation. Richard Bancroft [2] December 7, [3]. Cinque etam dopo entra a far parte del cast di A-Team. Effectively second-in-command behind Hannibal although Murdock outranks himhe is the one who arranges for supplies, equipment, and sensitive information using numerous scams and hustles; several episodes also suggest that he is also responsible for arranging the team’s weaponry, especially when overseas, often via highly illegal means see season three’s “Skins” for one such reference.

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United Nations Korea Medal. Army Commendation Medal with one oak leaf cluster. Despite his preference for the finer things in life, Face often takes on the most dangerous roles in missions serla that he frequently complains about as he often acts as the bait to lure out their target or takes huge risks with risky scams.

A-Team, il cast e i personaggi della serie cult ieri e oggi

Afghanistan Campaign Medal with two bronze tram stars. When Hannibal is elsewhere or captured during several episodes, Face is often seen to be at the helm of the team, planning their course of action see season two’s “Bad Time on the Border”, season four’s “Wheel of Fortune” and season five’s “Point of No Return” for examples.

Other examples drop “The”. The character’s full nickname varies in different media.

La serie, creata da Frank Lupo e Stephen J. Decker and his MPs to steal medical supplies that Murdock needs after being shot despite knowing there was a high probability of getting arrested. He tends to treat B. Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal. Cannell, narra le avventure di un commando di ex-combattenti della guerra del Vietnam di nome A-Team, un gruppo di soldati un tempo arruolati nelle Forze Speciali statunitensi.


Army Good Conduct Medal. Happy days, il cast completo ieri e oggi. Iraq Campaign Medal with two bronze service stars. In “The Island” Face lets himself be captured in order to find the prison where the doctor who once saved B. Face usually carried a Colt Trooper. Nel recita nel film Dying on the Edge. Joint Service Commendation Medal. Views Read Edit View history. The car’s final appearance is in the fifth season opener “Dishpan Man”, where it is heard, off-screen, to crash after new recruit Frankie Santana gives Face some bad advice about repairing the faulty brakes.

Templeton Peck

The name “Faceman” originates from a popular slang term used by girls for attractive male students during Stephen J. Peck drives a custom white Chevrolet Corvette released with red interior and a red stripe to match B.

Despite his complaining, Face is actually a very brave guy who is willing to put the team before himself. Face also shows considerable maturity when he accepts his own punishment, rather than allowing Hannibal to take the full blame. Note that for the original broadcast, two endings were shot, with viewers able to phone in and vote sberlq the outcome on whether Bancroft really was Face’s father or not. Vietnam Armed Forces Honor Medal.

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Also, When a member of the team needs to be captured in order to infiltrate an enemy prison it’s usually Face who ends up with the job although he’d rather not since it ruins his designer suit. Face ends the film by saying Hannibal’s catchphrase, “I love it when a plan comes together. In the movie, he is “Faceman”, again dropping “the”.