Darlene 28 November at Please make season two!!! When Mine got back with Sinan, she was genuinely happy. I am on episode 31, and love it so far. If there is no Season 2 they should release the screen play for viewers to see the ending. I hope they make a season 2 where Mine and Sinan finally become one! Where did Timur go? Sandi 26 July at

Ratu Zuirman 13 June at Unknown 23 August at I have some memories of Timur helping Sinan with new problems with Demir, and am under the impression that Timur gives up upon Mine after realizing she is still really in love with Sinan. I just finished watching it and am so disappointed it stopped at episode She was right in wanting to keep things as normal as possible for Hassan. But, the episodes had some unnecessary stuff, which could have been chopped off. Julie Finnegan 27 January at

The way Sinan said “what are you doing here? I wonder if they episoode make a spin-off. Jennah Vee 9 March at I love that my Husband has a goofy type of personality because it makes me laugh.

I think that Sinan was shot by Derin, she was going to get revenge from him. I also wondered why Funda’s mother completely disappeared?! Please bring on season 2!!!!

Q7babto enjoyed watching this series but the last 78th episode was a little disappointing in that it prepared the ground for a second season that was never made. I’ve even learned some Turkish words. But FanFic would have a field day with this story – I can immediately imagine the plot! But there is a scene where Mine is getting married to Timur.



As well as thinking about the attachment her son had to him. Anyway, I hope that they can make season 2 with a shorter number of episodes. You may be interested to look at these posts too: She accepts and she moves into his house having a separate locked bedroom. Netflix should inform us that the series we are watching will cease without having an end. The Turks are Very talented actors but so disappointing the way Netflix only offers one season on most shows.

I agree also with Rosangelly that Sinan’s was the purest most mature love.

Where did Timur disappear for half an hour during the wedding? Season 2 is in me.

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Unknown 2 August at She was right in wanting to keep things as normal as possible for Hassan. Kept me laughing so much!!! Monitas Con Amor 14 February at I think this is a problem with Netflix’s getting distribution rights, and not having the whole production available.

After so much anticipation, why do movies and series fail us in the end? I almost wish they were a real couple, lol!! That poor guy loved her to insanity.

The last episode was an opening for a second eason episod will never come! I love Turkish serials but the ending of most of them is very disappointing. I saw Sinan as eratic and immature. Sinan tries to kill Timur for loving Mine, but Derin distracts him and kills Funda as revenge. Unknown 26 July at Darius 16 December at It’s frustrating, it’s disappointing and it is very slow.


Julie Finnegan 27 January at I’m so mad that there is NO season 2! I think the wires were crossed too many times in your version. What an absolute idiot and a waste of screen time. What’s Memo up to? Nobody from the production team new it will end?! Tienen que hacer obligatoriamente la temporada 2. Guess we will never know since there is no season 2.

افلام يوتيوب

It made me so angry. So many questions please have a heart and make season 2! He is just too old for Mine and Mine couldn’t just played with Sinan’s love like that.

Do you take life that serious?

I hope there will be Season 2.