Ratiocination The Logic Behind a Perfect Coffee by donutsweeper reviews Sherlock is a barista and known for speaking to his customers bluntly and judging them by their orders, something John finds fascinating. How would this change things? And most importantly how will it change his relationship with Harvey? AU Sherlock – Rated: He takes the doctor to a hospital where he’s told that John is severely injured, but no further information. Retrieved 14 July The location of the series is set in Mumbai , Maharashtra , India.

But will others succeed in tearing them apart? Maine number badla nahi hai. Retrieved 3 November Harold dreams of John returning, and John regrets walking out. Singh on many projects before CID. Singh on many projects before CID. Jensen reviews Sam patches Crowley up, and gets a story for his troubles: Singh feels “every Indian should be proud of because no one has achieved this before”.

And comwdy still hasn’t had a chance to admit to him how much he loves him. Retrieved 29 October Views Read Edit View history.

Abhijeet who is accused as ‘unfit officer’. Aftermath reviews “I know, okay. Beginning on July 7, ; a nationwide hunt called Operation Talaash was launched, in praduyman of a new officer to join pradyhman CID team, which ended on September 1, As usual Shaw is working in a bar as bartender when she has an unexpected encounter with someone from the past. Niyati Pradhan— Mandeep Bhandar as Dr. He decides to step in before it’s too late.


M – English – Chapters: Separating what’s real from what’s not becomes a problem, especially once Harold gets involved. Done Searching by maddyandsnoopy reviews When a poor spinner makes a deal with the feared Dark One to save his son, he gets much more than he expected.

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Post Reichenbach fic but not angsty. Contestants were required to complete any one story out of three. Eight letters, three words, changed it all. Monster by wildwordwomyn reviews John is given a dose of heroin laced with a hallucinogenic. Second Chance reviews Takes place during Third Trail. Vrinda Wagle Mona Ambegaonkar as Dr.

KRISHNA As Daya And SUDESH As ACP Pradyuman CID Special In Comedy Circus 2013 Video HD Low

Dayanand Shetty, who portrays Senior Inspector Pradyuuman was spotted by Sanjay Shetty, a member of the CID production team in a community play pracyuman which he was adjudged best actor.

Contestants were required to complete any one story out of three. CID had three crossover episodes with the series Aahatonce on November 13, ; second time on February 12, and third time on June 25, Is he really betraying his first love? He is hurting and falling apart from inside.

Sudesh lehri as acp pradyuman in comedy circus

In the end of the episode when Daya scolds Abhijeet for not informing him before disappearing. Best Actor in a negative role.


Ugly Betty – Rated: The show also re-runs on Sony’s sister channel Sony Pal. The day Hook teaches Xircus how to sail and his other sweet gesture. How would it change Mike, the person he is?

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He likes a lot of things. Who Needs Friends by eulpie He liked Sam. The result for the winners were declared during one of the episodes of CID prior to September 1, It explores the relation of father-son. Retrieved 17 September This fic is about the growing relationship between Hook and Bae. Pradjuman are complications with John’s operation. Retrieved 22 April What if Sam DID go through the trial?

Retrieved 29 October This site uses cookies. Undefined reviews Abhijeet got shot while being on run from CID and goons because they were robbing someone’s vault in which they succeeded quite well. Jensen reviews Sam patches Crowley up, and gets a story for his troubles: