A fight that breaks out is soon interrupted as the building bursts into flames. Koyomi wakes up just to find he is in an unknown location held captive. Hearing another person’s problems cheered Rouka up, and so she began collecting the misfortunes of others as the “Devil”. Nadeko becomes frantic after hearing her mother come home because she did not tell her that Koyomi was coming over. Araragi accepts and goes home. Before hanging up, Hitagi warns him to beware of Nadeko. After calling an ambulance for her parents and reattaching his arm, Koyomi wakes up at Oshino’s place beside Shinobu and learns from him that he had been asleep for over twelve hours, and that Shinobu has been staying beside him to help his recovery. Koyomi is shocked to find that Shinobu is actually very talkative.

Shinobu concludes that Koyomi has indeed turned into a vampire. Teori then appears to be talking to someone other than Koyomi. As such, the arm will take Suruga’s soul once three wishes are fulfilled. However, after hours of waiting, Mayoi’s father appears, begging their help in finding his daughter, who had run away early in the morning. Teori drops a final origami into the offertory box, and it fills up. Koyomi is shocked to find that Shinobu is actually very talkative. Reluctantly, Koyomi promises to stop using his powers. Koyomi is confused after hearing from the cat that Tsubasa loved him.

Tsubasa warns Koyomi that his being kind to everyone, and Suruga in particular, may well put his relationship with Hitagi at risk, if he doesn’t begin to set boundaries.

Hot Blood ” Transcription: As Kagenui, Kaiki and Oshino are all missing she feels she has to act. Retrieved May 5, In the final exchange, she asks him to kiss her in the same manner she asked him out at the beginning of the episode.

Suruga is an offensive powerhouse, and Rouka is a defensive specialist. Set after the graduation of Koyomi Araragi and Hitagi Senjougahara, Suruga Kanbaru begins her third year in high school.

Since Hitagi was already aware of the Cursed Cat, she was not surprised upon meeting it. Before hanging up, Hitagi warns him to beware of Nadeko. Kaiki determines that she was a very spoiled child. The search proves to be difficult even with the cat’s keen sense of smell and hearing. After Tsubasa leaves, Koyomi receives a call from Oshino, who says that he has given Hitagi instructions on how to solve Mayoi’s problem. Although a Cursed Cat is usually a weak type of Oddity, this one has made use of Tsubasa’s outstanding intelligence to outsmart him.

Gaen assembles Koyomi, Shinobu, Mayoi and Yotsugi and reveals that Ougi is the responsible for some of the previous ordeals they faced. Yozuru commends Koyomi for his acceptance, but tells him that while there is no way to undo the progress of his transformation, there is a way he can stop it from progressing further: Mayoi mentions that she has always been trying to get to her mother’s house, but can never seem to get there.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Suruga is skeptical of his ‘good will’ toward her because of her devotion to Kaiki’s nemesis, Hitagi. After arguing with the cat that “it was a mistake”, the cat tells him that there is another way to suppress the stress for good, to kill him.

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He pretend not to know her, however, and they introduce themselves to each other. Salaryman 1 episode, Hirosuke Nakaido is a normal young man who, by accident, meets the most beautiful girl he has ever seen: He can’t help but feel that someone else has manipulated events so that it would turn out to be him fighting Koyomi.

They butted heads at one point, and resolved to simply pass information between them, and not interfere with the other. Kaiki returns to his hotelroom and finds an envelope with an anonymous message telling him to pull off.

Kaiki reassures her that he will not deceive her. Suruga doesn’t agree with the dishonesty or her reasons, but she concedes that as long as Rouka isn’t hurting anyone, she won’t stop her. Basking in defeat, Rouka encourages Suruga to go back ajumu playing basketball, or at least do something with her talents instead of just watching from the sidelines.

She epiosde many questions for the “Devil” who cured her, but she is informed by Ougi that the “Devil” has vanished, and is no longer giving counsel to others. As a ghost, a lost snail, she can only be seen by those who have a subconscious desire not to return home, and is meant to waylay people who do not really want to arrive at their destinations.

Koyomi tries to get her to leave, however he is unable to until Hitagi is mentioned, at which point Suruga runs off.

Koyomi learns from Tsukihi and Tsubasa that Karen tried to confront Kaiki by herself. While on the way, Koyomi stumbles across Mayoi and decides to spend some time with her first. Kaiki takes her to a yakiniku restaurant, and explains his motivations.

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This begins Rouka’s collection of devil parts, which she sees as opponents to her hobby as a collector of misfortune. He reveals his plan to spare Koyomi and the others by lying to her that they died in an accident, thus he needs Hitagi to convince Koyomi to cease all connections with Nadeko. Before absorbing both the cat and tiger spirit, Tsubasa finally confesses her love for Koyomi, and as expected, he rejects her, assuming that his love for Hitagi is stronger.


Koyomi tells Ougi that five years before, he was in trouble with his grades at school, specially in mathematics, when he finds three letters in his shoe locker and upon solving the monogatagi that lies on them, he is drawn to the ruins where he met a girl of his age who agreed sjimu help him with his studies, upon agreeing at three conditions: While Tsukihi is annoyed that Koyomi would suggest breaking up the duo, she admits that she realizes that Karen will leave on her own, to do her own thing.

Suruga confronts Rouka, who confirms that she is the collector of devil parts. The next day, Koyomi gets himself relieved upon knowing that Tetsujo is on maternity leave and he won’t see her again until he graduates.

Edit Storyline Hirosuke Nakaido is a normal young man who, by accident, meets the most beautiful girl he has ever seen: She eats him, granting episoode final death. The story begins with Koyomi being woken up by his sisters, Karen and Tsukihi Araragi. Rouka warns her that because the stakes are so high, she’ll make full use of her devil parts, including her hand and leg, giving her an advantage.

Ajimu Kaigan Monogatari Episode 3

Koyomi is confused after hearing from the cat that Tsubasa loved him. Koyomi, who had received donuts from Hitagi earlier in the day, decides to treat Shinobu to some of them.

On his way to Suruga’s house, Koyomi meets his sister, Karen, who is in a rush doing some “community service” before leaving in a hurry after receiving a phone call. As they return to the city on a cab, Hanekawa reveals that she had just returned from her search for Oshino overseas without Hitagi’s and Araragi’s knowledge and even though she knew that continuing to look for him is futile, she intends to depart again on the following day. Six monogtari sequels were later adapted under the common moniker of Monogatari Series Second Season: