I thought I had at least another week in my room! Sakura looked at Hidan nodded, “I figured. The tricky part here was making sure it was concentrated on the small parts of the seed that needed it. Hidan was another breed. We wanted to screw with you,” Sasori remarked sarcastically. He was the first member she’d seen, aside from Itachi, as she’d only been about 12 at the time, and Sasori still looked exactly how she remembered. Something that looks like a volcano. Advanced applications can even regrow things like fingers and toes.

He always got her bright and alert by the time they got to her classroom. Don’t be shy, leave a review! Even after getting over her crush on Sasuke she’d fine herself lost in those ruby irises. However that’s where the similarities between them ended. She let herself begin to drift off. Still, it was nice to have the company the whole way. Sure the human world was interesting but she detested hiding a whole side of herself from everyone she talked to.

I think you have a fair bit of talent. The smirk on his lips nearly reached his ears. Perhaps it was all the alone time they spent together walking to and from school novie these two days.

And yet she was becoming closer to him than most of the other Akatsuki. At least she’ll have some eye candy during her studies. She wouldn’t lie, she vampier actually a little excited.

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Would you mind showing me to my room? Akasamu only way Hidan would sit and watch a romantic movie was if Sakura had promised there’d eventually not only be breasts but also a sex scene. If one ever did. He opened the perpendicular door that was to the right, “This will be your room.


In the spirit of the holiday she picked a romance, of course. Things like waking up next to Deidara and having shower fights with Hidan were just cherries on top.

akatsuki and the vampire part 1

Sakura was a witch and a gifted one at that. Sure, Ino would probably say something like, “Who cares! She’d been in a dorm with other witches that didn’t have any way to create a oart spell.

She’d wandered into the art room and he’d actually showed her how to use the spinning table to make a simple bowl. He has a huge set of scars around his left eye and the eye itself was clouded and milky. With nothing else left to say at the moment Sakura bid her farewell to the three of them and returned to Naruto and Sasuke.

She’d seen him turn right around and jog the other way on more than one occasion.

AkaSaku Movie .:Part 3:. ~Real Reason?~Runaway!~

It wasn’t that she was being a bother. Just watch the movie.

Something that looks like a volcano. Sakura got the attention of the teacher that had assigned her the homework. She had to do something before her will power diminished. At the moment he was clad in nothing but patt pair of shorts and his religious necklace that had the symbol vam;ire a circle with and upside down triangle in the middle. Tobi let go of her and smiled, “Sorry, Tobi’s just really excited to have Sakura living with us.


Gently she asked, “Hidan? This was good, though. Twenty minutes passed by with the seed staying in its present state. It’s a Jack-and-Jill bathroom so it has an entrance from both your room and the other one,” He gestured behind him akawaku the other door.

She glanced at her clock. They were all very, very pretty though. Next chapter akasaky be getting things really going. His cheeks sunken and eyes beady and slightly bulging.

She got up and opened it to see Tobi and Sasori’s smiling faces. She let herself begin to drift off.

When she’d woken up in Deidara’s bed she had thought she was alone until he appeared out of the maze of blankets. With a spell you can see your progress right in front of you.

Sakura rolled her eyes.