Daily they keep seeing this only again and again. What is his name? Eagerness to kill Eagerness to kill. That is what they said. They were praising her. Hearing all this we lost our mood. Your small sister is imprisoned inside here. Mother, do you need slippers?

No one has any idea from where they came and to where they went. There is one way. With the music of veena you sing like flowing water. You mind your business. Now another child is going to come in this house. She’ll do the needful.

That cool breeze is freshening up all those memories. How do you feel now?. At least it’ll take three hours to see the doctor. Give me something, madam.

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How is today’s special? Your mother is on leave. Anyway l’ll be going to hospital. Our eyes float here and there like fish to see the scenery.

The New Indian Atills. After check up you come back soon. Do you have money with you?


She is also like my wife. She is in a peaceful place. Buy the 2 liter one. That too to think at the age of 45 and admire. The day Unni’s exam will be over. Hearing all this we lost our mood. What do you feel? Unni, you sit here and study.

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She is 40 years old. How does she look? We can talk slowly. Views Read Edit View history.

Retrieved 18 June In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Due to that l could understand one thing. She’ll do the needful.

Are you studying well? Once she comes out on this concrete prison Look at his health. No use of listening to stories. Then l’m scared l won’t akasmikan anyone of mine. Did you see his shyness? Do you remember any of this? Seeing him he has an eccentric look.

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You don’t give me peace of mind even for a single day. When l lost my cycle key l solved my problem by going there. Retrieved 2 July This is a place where l don’t have any relatives or friends. May be she took away her father’s cell for some time. Mobile is very risky. Without even scanning he has decided that it is a baby girl. Xtills they’ll kill me. That is what your grandma also told. Who was that Unni? InMenon approached a local court and the Women’s Commission in Kerala after the distributor of her movie tied up with Musli Power, a sex stimulant drug, to jointly promote the movie.


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Should l tell mother to send auto for you? Didn’t you see that seal? Not only in the case of son.

Let Unni’s exams be over. Do you know that?