The members would rather those stories not be told. Dec 9th at Feb 6th at 2: Kiss no Ryuusei MV. Members from outside Tokyo often take advantage of their native dialects in flirting contests. Oct 26th at Dec 10th at 7: Feb 5th at 7:

Muramoto unsurprisingly isn’t familiar with the term and Takita Kayoko has to explain it for him. In the early years of the show, Matsui Jurina is one of the youngest regular members and is often regarded to be this, especially compared to her older colleagues. Oricon News in Japanese. Kashiwagi Yuki and Mukaichi Mion are also afraid of dogs, and the three of them are made to play with the other members’ dogs in episode Dec 19th at 8: AKB48 – Kimi wa Melody.

Changed line s 11,12 click to see context from: I don’t own cattle! Muramoto announces that the show doesn’t have that kind of akbinto, so Mayuyu sits on a rocking horse instead. Retrieved June 8, Retrieved March 25, Feb 1st at 6: Episode Eng Sub by Suparida 5 years ago 5K views.

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You’re good at promoting, makes me want to see episodr even more! Well, I already have the ticket so I thought I’d come see you anyway, but I don’t think I can support you with a face like that. Mostly averted with other foreign episodf, which are usually correctly transcribed. Michel, Patrick; Kikuchi, Daisuke May 31, Hate to admit it, but it’s actually tasty!

This page has been accessedtimes. To help the girls be prepared in case they receive the same, he invites them to adopt his mantra, “I can get used to being told to die. Kimi to Niji to Taiyou to Live.


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They often say my clothes are lame, it was so frustrating! Archived from the original on I see, that way you can at least get some of your money back!

Dec 19th at 9: May 26th at 6: Archived from the original on March 24, Poor Nakanishi Chiyori eepisode treated as one for laughs. Of Course is the Answer – Tozen. Retrieved June 24, Okay, now you’re scaring me.

I’m sure Aoki-san liked [[PantyShot what he saw]]. Its director, Mika Ninagawasaid that she wanted to appeal to men and women with a creative, fun video because of akbino group’s increasing popularity episoe girls. Jan 19th at Ichikawa Miori is obsessed with becoming a fresh lemon and took Fresh Lemon as her nickname.

At first, I was always given tickets with seat numbers, but recently my manager comes with me less often and always gets me unnumbered tickets I felt like I’m a real woman.

Several episodes feature the members having a dance competition. Changed akbingoo s 82,83 click to see context from: On the other hand, the scoring is very lenient in some of the games, which other members consider pandering.

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Is It Due to Idol Culture? May 22nd at The Three Musketeers, the most promoted members of 14th generation slacking off and challenging epidode to a game. To face you in this match, is an honor! In episode, a fan admits confesses that she and her best friend smell each other’s hands after attending handshake sessions to exchange the scents of their favorite members, Oguri Yui and Okabe Rin.


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Ina SpiritualSuccessor called ”’Bucchake Baseball Blunt Baseball ”’ appeared, where the “batter” announces makes a grievance she has against other members or staff confession and Muramoto declares whether it’s an “out”, “hit”, or “home run” depending on hilariousness.

What a lucky he was. To be fair, though, the The two have very different characters. I’m always told We’re taught that AKB isn’t about how you look, but how hard you work This article is about a single group. Retrieved July 3, That’s a very Setouchi response, fit for those who eoisode the sea!

Shimada points out that the AttentionWhore Miichan, whose apology video went viral, is now known internationally, while Sasshi, who doesn’t really like too much attention on herself, is now the face of the group, so his predictions were accurate FromACertainPointOfView.

Jan 22nd at 7: Shinoda Mariko Graduation SP! Changed line s 34,35 click to see context from: Changed line s 84 click to see context from: HKT48 – Hikaeme I love you! Dec 15th at 7: