But tried Prakash Raj as I personally know him. I’m sending my daughter to this waste fellow’s home as his daughter-in-law. The Times of India. Damodar Prasad Vivek Kuchibhotla. Hitting a small ball in such a big ground and go in search of it. We didn’t trouble them, they came, they hit and went away, sir.

Geetha Madhuri , Kalyani Malik. Ala Modalaindi telugu movie watch online. His work in Ala Modalaindi is being appreciated well. Retrieved 3 December Not only Australia, she’s not ready to settle in any other country. Ala Modalaindi Promotional poster.

The film opened to favorable reviews by critics and turned out to become one of the biggest blockbusters of the year, [1] subtotles and successfully completed days.

On the way, Gautham is forced to narrate his tale as he modalaindj of stopping a marriage and John too talks of preventing a wedding. Thinking that they both are married, she leaves to Bangalore and accepts the marriage proposal her parents set for her. Would she be good looking? I gave a minute narration to Nani and he said that its awesome.

Its fight if it’s between 2, how can it be fight if one hits so many? I wanted to create such a character for my movie. The lyrics for Angane Thudangi were written by Siju Thuravoor. Subtitlse are so effortless and at ease and share a great chemistry.


Retrieved 17 September Vicky, this is the last ball, you must get him out!

Ala Modalaindi || Telugu Short Film (with Eng Subtitles) || By Vinay & Aditya

I didn’t expect girls here had developed enough to give lifts. Retrieved 5 July Uncle, ifyou grow moustache and dye your hair, you’ll look young. Writer Bhupal said that modalsindi should have a drunken character. After the 3rd schedule of the film, a friend and a co-director Srinivas came to the sets.

Ala Modalaindi () Telugu in HD – Einthusan

Paste this in your document somewhere closest to the closing body tag is preferable: He should reject a girl by choice not by destiny. I’m getting away from myself Writer Anil Ravipudi provided great help in climax.

Damodar Prasad Vivek Kuchibhotla. Scrat character has nothing to do with the story of Ice Age, but creates chaos. Archived from the original on 16 February I modalainsi know how she’d be and what In order to meet Gautham, Nithya escapes from the wedding and ends up asking the kidnapper for a lift.


Archived from the original on 26 November Nithya realizes that she loves Gautam and goes to his house after his mother dies, to propose to him, but is shocked to see Kavya in his house. Share Post to Facebook Post to Twitter.

When you were a kid, you said you’Il marry me if l give 25 paisa. After realizing Nithya misunderstood him, Gautham and his friends leave for Bangalore to stop the marriage.

This film gave Nani a commercial break after his successful debut, and paved his way towards stardom. I write very little on paper for a scene a couple of lines for a scene as most of the content is there in my head. I don’t have a world other than my home, my office, friends and pub.

I watched a film titled ‘In July’ in my initial days. Retrieved from ” https: Another guy takes a lift, but notices the dead body.