After taking a wrong turn in slipstream, the Andromeda receives a distress call from a Commonwealth prison, experiencing a riot the likes of which they have not seen before. That said there is plenty of action and it was nice to see Kristin Lehman return as Molly Noguchi. The leaders went into hiding when the fighting broke out. Rommie, knowing Dylan is in trouble, is able to use an improvised power source to recharge herself and destroys the warden, but runs out of power before she can do anything else. With history back on track, Andromeda returns to her own time. Dylan must protect the Andromeda from the mercenary crew after sleeping the “long night”, while Beka and her friends discover they may be fighting for the wrong person.

When the time loop is broken, she leaves and it is unclear what happens to her, but on Seefra it finally rains. As Trance’s sun approaches, the crew journeys inside the artificial Methus-2 sun to repair it and fix the braking system that is supposed to guide Trance’s sun into position. Search for ” Waking the Tyrant’s Device ” on Amazon. Its eventually revealed that the dictator was killed in self-defense by Gharis Rhade, but the man set to replace him became as bad as he was and survived through cloning. Methus Diagram — a blueprint for Seefra system, recovered with the help of the mysterious DJ Virgil Vox — also reveals the purpose of the eight extra planets. However, it soon becomes clear that they have an agenda of their own, connected to the ‘Resters’, a group of environmentalists attempting to prevent all space travel.

Theft seems the only option — but the stolen jewel turns out to be a fake. There, he learns that by rigging up the Eureka Maru to the Andromeda, the ship can now reach a nearby star, but unless one goes supernova, they won’t be able to refuel. A Commonwealth fleet arrives, Rhade among them, and Rhade reveals that the battle is over and his family episoded fine.

Rhade, Beka and Harper are left in absolutely hopeless situations. With the Eureka Maru having been infected by attack-nanobots that disrupt electrical systems, Tyr crashlands on a Nietzschean controlled planet, his memories lost and the Maru damaged, and must try and remember his past before the ruling Nietzschean pride discover him and the crate he was transporting.


Meanwhile, a mysterious phase-shifting woman tries to bribe Harper for the downloaded Library [ 1.

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Andromeda encounters the builder of the Worldship and has to stop him before he launches another invasion by the Abyss. Dylan helps her do so and defeats the person trying to use her for her own gain and reveals that he was the mysterious soldier that had saved her life three hundred years before and never returned despite his promise because he got trapped in the black hole.

The crew helps rebels on Seefra-5 who are battling a local warlord. Trance manages to pull her sun closer and plunge it into the Abyss, burning it.

The Vedran sun will return someday, and destroy Seefra-2 through 9 to slow down and take its position. Trance’s “sisters” who episofes themselves “the Nebula”however, try to persuade her to join them.

Episode is a clip show. The crew doesn’t want either of them to have File D.

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Dylan becomes more ruthless in his actions as well. When Dylan, Beka and Harper are called to identify the body of Beka’s lost crewmate Bobby Jensen, they discover that he is actually alive and seeks to force the Andromeda to help end a revolution that he started after he left the Maru. Andromeda manages to hold its own, but is no match for the fleet. It appears not to work. Harper accidentally activates a hidden personality stored away in Andromeda ‘s system, causing her to forget the events of the past few years and re-enact a top secret mission.

The crew struggles to rescue Trance from Methus-2 and Harper from General Burma, Seefra-5’s warlord, who the crew discovers is in league with the Abyss. Beka and Trance search for Beka’s father’s former business partner and discover he is the leader of a large company dealing in a highly addictive drug; meanwhile, the rest of the crew organise a ‘garage sale’ to gather money for new parts.

Then ten thousand alien ships appear through a wormhole from another universe [so why were they bothering covertly killing ambassadors? The episode “Ouroboros” 2: Episodee needing additional references from August All articles needing additional references Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from February All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention.


They come from a planet, where the two sides have been fighting for as long as anyone can remember. In their opinion the fate of Dylan, Zndromeda, or the Known Worlds is irrelevant.

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Dylan must protect the Andromeda from the mercenary crew eplsodes it is tugged away from the black hole’s time-distorting gravity, while Beka and her friends on the Eureka Maru discover they may be fighting for the wrong person. He tries to find a map to the Route of Agesa portal connecting all galaxies together.

The crew steps in to mediate an apocalyptic war in order to halt genocide and cure a fatal disease.

Rev Bem contacts Andromeda. Initially Trance seems to be a ditzy, naive girl, warm and compassionate but serving little actual purpose on the ship.

As Mahog loses power, the ship enters the center of the World Ship and Trance goes supernova apparently destroying the World Ship. When a slipstream error throws the Andromeda back in time to the climactic battle of Nietzschean-Commonwealth war, Dylan and his crew must not only decide whether or not to interfere, but which side to interfere on. This ultimately causes power to go out all across the planets and is restored when the scientist sacrifices himself to shut down the teleporter.

Trance intervenes and orders Dylan to take the ship through the Route of Ages to Andromexa.

Dylan is manipulated into unlocking powerful weapons stores when the Andromeda discovers a Commonwealth space station populated by children who believe that he is the legendary “High Guard” who has come to bring peace by destroying their enemies. Dylan tries to destroy the World Ship by firing every Nova Bomb Andromeda has at it, but does little damage. Harper is captured andromsda the Patriarch peisodes build a bridge across time so that he can bring an army of the future to the present, but the future is not what it seems.

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