So I don’t like them. Customer review No Review Yet This is your chance! I was hesitant at first and got Ballistix RAM. In order to calculate Machines are constantly assaulting the walls of Bezoar. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

Mar 26, 2 0 10, 0. Started by meppips Oct 15, Replies: Wish we could change the color of the lights. Wanting to get even more from the kit we kept the voltage at the same 1. Review Categories Computer Case Reviews. They made a slight mistake and sent me a complete 4 Channel kit in return! The teams of company are also have more than 15 years experience for Dram in the industry.

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This is the 3rd company I purchased RAM from. Any advice, experience with avexir, or maybe a good deal out there on a 4gb kit I am missing? Machines are constantly assaulting the walls of Bezoar.

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If you are wanting to make absolutely sure these will fit under your heatsink, these measure 38mm in height total, heatsink and all. You can decide how you would like, but I just want to say at least for me the RAM worked fine except the one bad stick, which can happen to anyone with any company. All of them have worked perfectly.

Sisoft Sandra Page 9: Avexir Core Series is designed specifically for the extreme power users who focus on challenging the excellence in high performance gaming experience. Our website is supported by our sponsors with advertisements that use Javascript to rotate the banners.

Much the same way the U. Stock level indicator Close. Going for well known brand names is really not an informed decision, as we know some name brands may have someone else manufacture their product, and sometimes different manufacturers for different models and so forth.


This RAM works exactly as it is reported on the product page, and overclocks pretty easy without issue. Between the other two, I don’tknow the CL for the G.

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I know a lot about computers, but I have only been buying parts for about a year now. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Revkew again shows there is a strong connection between them. There’s also the fact that, aesthetically, there’s not much choice if you want LED Ram that I know of. On the surface, the Core series resemble that of many other modules on the market.

From desktops and laptops to workstations and gaming rigs, by comparing your PCMark Corre score with other similar systems you can find the hardware and software bottlenecks that stop you getting more from your PC.

Avexir RAM?

Who makes the RAM? Skill’s you are looking at, but I personally would go with Avexir. Avexir has been putting the wealth around the world in the form of their Core series of DDR3. Please turn on JavaScript.

The code Ram only seem to be yellow.

About 6 months ago I was having stability issues with my system and questioned the ram, but the actual issue was with the power supply. Actually no, we stopped seeing Afexir as a separate and sovereign nation. It is not controlled in the same way as Hong Kong, but is still a part of China. The item is out of stock and estimated to arrive on the date provided.

Do you have a problem with that too, reivew if so is it for a technical reason of low quality with something to back it up or is it political or what? Customer review No Review Yet This is your chance!

The item is out of stock and estimated delivery date is not known at this time. As for answering your question, I have zero idea revieww actually makes the ram chips for this brand.


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Gigabyte ab gaming 3 and avexir core mhz. What was is your experience with it? From reviews on Newegg, people are happy. The price is good as well as the performance; we have no problem at all recommending a kit like this.

While there is still a divide in law and other aspects of the two societies, and the USA still has military forces stationed in Taiwan, Taiwan regardless is a part of China. Looking at their 22133 many such individuals have been getting some massive clocks serise the kits. Second, I have contacted Aexier customer service, and they were quick at replying, realistically easy to work with, if you speak Chinese you would probably have an even easier time, and they are reasonable and fix problems quickly.

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AVEXIR – Core Series(DDR4)

I ended up going with Avexir and it has served me now. The customer service was friendly, and understanding and fixed the problem right away. New item that you can order before we receive stock.

Dore, I would hope that if you know about computer parts, that you realize the vast majority of parts come from China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Japan. Super PI Modded 1. Aug 27, 1 0 10, 0.