Saneatsu decided to settle the dispute with a Break Bomber game take place 3 days later, where Naoya would be banished from Crossfire if he loses. After Kakeru’s super shot hit rebound and hit the red bomb the 3rd time, the red bomb stayed in place. Archived from the original on She inserts a B-Dama in the back of the figure’s head and pushes the included Trigger to fire it. Dracyan said he was thinking about the match, and had forgotten where it was. Subaru asked why had they lost. After 50 seconds, Kakeru and Subaru tried to win the game using super shots.

Elsewhere, B-Damans started to glow. After both players scored 2 points, Yukihide said he did not hate Reiji. Riki is also glad and plans on doing an amazing job with Akira. The North Grand Prix! CS1 Japanese-language sources ja CS1 maint: His teacher, however, is not fond and takes away Riki’s book as he is not paying attention in class. In the Extreme Rush game, players were instructed to win by destroying archer statue targets. August 17, [3].

Retrieved from ” https: After Kakeru’s super shot hit rebound and hit the red bomb the 3rd time, englush red bomb stayed in place. Kakeru fired 1 shot to knock 1 row of 2 yellow bombs to Subaru’s side. Kakeru used the new super shot at the red bomb. Novu VS Ryuji” Transcription: Despite acknowledging his questions, Takakura tells Riki how he must become stronger to know the answers.


Subaru moved left and fired 2 shots to knock a row of 2 yellow bombs to Kakeru’s side.

Natsumi and Akira heard Dracyan speaking. August 17, [3]. Subaru volunteered to replace Yukihide.

At the podium, Kakeru and Subaru were at 1st and 2nd ranks respectively. Saneatsu it was already too late, and ordered to activate super-speed elevator. However, Kakeru’s strategy broke Dracyan’s core after knocked down the last pin.

B-Crystal started to glow, then Dravise and Dracyan started glowing.

Kakeru discovered the new move was not working. Saneatsu asked what happened and the security system.

Cross Fight B Daman Episode 22 English Dub

After both players scored 2 points, Yukihide said he did not hate Reiji. Although Kaito defeated Takeru for the number 2 position, Takeru was chosen as Yukihide’s teammate. He is glad Riki is here despite his former part-time employee suddenly leaving. After both players fired super shots, Yukihide lost the match.

Basara fired 2 marbles at B-Crystal. Natsumi said there is someone who can fix the core. Archived copy as title link. In Seven Shots match, nobody from crossfirw East Block was able to knock down the 7th pin, including Yukihide and Gouichiro.


January 9, online [5]. At match day, Yukihide called Reiji under the guise of Daiki. Dravise said breaking the gyro-balancer would cause it to enter emergency landing mode.

Dracyan said Riki felt the same way as Dracyan. After the match, Dracyan asked Dravise about B-Animal. Ouga enters the Power Lane. Dracyan said Kakeru and Dracyan were one heart and mind, so Kakeru can turn episodde spirit into power. Subaru fired 3 shots to knock a row 3 yellow bombs to Kakeru’s side.

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Ruri said someone was facing B-Crystal. Saneatsu said crossfiee replacement can be made if opposing team does not object.

Dravise said the strength of Kakeru’s spirit, which needs to know the secret of the B-Crystal, gave him that power.