Silver Spring has a quirky, laid-back culture and a place like Piratz could well have worked theme-wise if the quality of the food, service, and management had been better. Based on its website, Piratz did experiment with lunch service about a year ago. The Doctor 4th April 7, at 1: Reply Suzy September 9, at 7: Yes, I realize they show you in the beginning that they have planted many surveillance cameras throughout the bar. Based on her inability to spell I’m not surprised she just doesn’t get it.

Your profile is a white girl with blond hair named Katie Hutchinson. But come on, this business was failing for a reason! Taffer at least tried to pull then out it! MoHub July 23, at Jon must correct the behavior of a drunk and verbally abusive owner if he’s going to save the historic Gipsy, Las Vegas’s first gay nightclub. Gettin’ Jigger with It. Right across the street from Piratz Tavern is the Quarry House Tavern, which, while smaller, is consistently packed.

They seem to LOVE the interior! But yet, you believe everything the owner an employees said without question.

SHUT IT DOWN: ANOTHER ‘Bar Rescue’ Bar Closed Down Forever This Past Weekend

The change brought diversity. Aura Nightclub [Note 2]. It was difficult enough to get Pirxtz and staff to give up the whole Pirate Playground theme and maybe it could have been something not so obtrusive to them. Okay so they get some trolls as a result as of the show. You cant teach a idiot plain and simple. SS is very ethnically diverse, and more people leave SS to commute into DC than work there during the day.

I live 2 minutes away from that place and the only time I would suggest it is for people that want cheap drinks in a quiet empty bar. Crazy Little Thing Called Selman. Jon Taffer bar rescue.


Reply DerekEnzo February 13, at 4: The office workers in those two organizations tend to be science and tech-oriented. Most of ours were Baltimore locals who were genuinely interested.

It was good for that, except the conversation was essentially over before the drinks arrived, so the awkwardness continued longer than it should have due to the bad service. The Maharincess of Franistan April 7, at Jon visits the No Name Saloon, a rowdy biker bar where the owner refuses to trust his daughter’s managerial skills.

The owner had a viable concept given to her, she just decided that playing dress up was more important. An outrageous owner spends more time swinging from the rafters than managing his bar, and Jon is ready to abandon the rescue if the owner doesn’t face reality. However, that is a relatively minor consideration. Its rather revealing about your ability to support your position. Everything was going fine until Jon told the actors to start acting as if the service was terrible.

Power Plant [Note 1] [4]. Nicole pulls out of the recon believing that the staff know who she is. I used to belong to a Renaissance guild, whose motto was “Nobles by day, Pirates by night!

Let me go through this scene by scene to get this straight. First off, stop trying to be back yard detective.

I was thinking the same exact thing for another episode involving a bar in North Carolina near Fort Brag army base that he remodeled to cater to the large military tacern in the area. Silver Rewcue has a quirky, laid-back culture and a place like Piratz could well have worked theme-wise if the quality of the food, service, and management had been better. There is ONE silver spring that the area is named after and around D.


Delusional, loosers — please, advise on what mushrooms they were doing, because, this was SiCK. However, after watching the Bar Rescue episode, I absolutely had to go in order to find out how different the show was from with what actually happened. Wish I lived closer and not just a chance visit.

Petersburg Fl that it could be a family attraction. The absolute best exchange between him and the pirate in this episode occured when Taffer was accused of overreacting and treating the staff like children.

So they were given a painted canvas and basically added their garbage into said painting and calling it their own. Katie, you should probably save your time for better people.

Piratz Tavern: How Bar Rescue Faked Reality – The Murphyverse

Jamesi3m April 6, at 7: Then to make it even more painfully obvious, is the audio. Murphy’s in Fell’s Point, MD, treat their bar like a never-ending keg party. Reply Kryssy October 17, at 2: During the seemingly successful re-opening, Tracy and the staff began dressing and acting like pirates,scaring their customers out of the baf reverts back to the pirate name and theme.

A family-owned bar is put at risk when a son’s excessive drinking and poor management choices begin to attract an X-rated clientele.