Anyways, the final episode Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Beelzebub Manga is godly. Not your favorite character lol! Which i hope for.. Some things are left unresolved. BBCode Please don’t feed the trolls!

Ok so it was catching up to the manga, why did they add fillers and cut the arc in half. It maybe unlikely but I can at least hope. I also want 2nd season, but how can they do it, when the school where the next arc should take place is destroyed? I hope that’s what happens. That just screamed rush ending. Great anime, fail ending.

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It gets the two because of the laughs. The animation quality was also dropping. One of my favorite characters tbh and he’s back. Obviously, this ending is a “Anime only ending” and has nothing to do with how the manga is going.

As ainmeultima Beelzebub reader I can’t accept how much they simply cut out. Gonna miss my daily dose of Naked Demon Baby. Been watching it since then and have to say that I did not regret it.

What kind of ending anmeultima that? Why they skip the important arc and make this fail ending??? Unsatisfying ending; but i suppose that its to be expected; gotta read the manga now XD Yup, ending was a fail imo as well.

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I think this is the most anti-climatic ending I’ve seen recently, a real let down. Anyways, the final episode They shouldn’t have brought my hopes up with episode Beelzebub Episode 60 Discussio I think they were going for the fastest ending possible. I was dissapointed with the ending Better read the manga after this.

The episode gave me a few laughs, but storywise it was pretty bad, even for Pierrot. Wasn’t as terrible as I thought. Oh well, it had a nice run, and honestly it this anime was better than I originally thought. I hope that in 2 or 3 years, once there’s another chapters of the manga that it gets a complete reboot, FMA: Beelzebub doesn’t suck like this.


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They didn’t add things that would stop it animeiltima making a season 2, so I guess I should be happy for that. They dared to start the new arc and finish it right away after all those fillers. This anime definitely didn’t follow the manga all the way, but it was still a fun watch. But it was funny, so it took away from how horrible it was. Unsatisfying ending; but i suppose that its to be expected; gotta read the manga now XD.

I’ll miss the craziness of this series!! At least it wasn’t anything over the top It anmieultima me some good laughs, and made me tear up a bit. That was terrible, there were a few moments that made me chuckle but that was such a poor ending and worst of all, the way it ended means that there could possibly be a 2nd season in the future.

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Poor Furuichi never got any until the very end. It was a bunch of bs, the plot was so thin you could see through it Oh well, at least the end was funny: Well it wasn’t the worst rushed ending for a generally good show I’ve ever seen Kare Kano holds that dubious honourbut it could have been handled better. They managed to get the nature of Beelzebub to the end. Im pretty sure if they would have never fillered this would have actually been a decent ending.

If they had followed the arc it was going to be pretty good. Ok so it was catching up to the manga, why did they add fillers and cut the animfultima in half. Animeltima they were gonna do a filler ending they should build up to it, not follow the manga story until the last couple of episodes and then end with so much unresolved. In my next life I want to collide at the corner with the cute transfer student carrying a piece of toast in her mouth I hope when the manga gets ahead they will start up with season 2 and cover that arc properly I’m not pissed but it’s just too unfortunate that it has to come an end so soon.


The final episode wasn’t that bad but it seemed they did it without passion. Dont bother replying to my posts in forums, dont check them afterwards. I’m a huge fan of Beelzebub, it’s my favourite manga and I’ve enjoyed every episode of the anime so far, even the couple of ridiculous nonsensical fillers that there were, but that last episode.

Dumbest fucking episode ever, just as disappointing as endless eight.

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The final episode of this season! It almost feel like they were just cancelled in the middle and had to come up with a quick way to resolve everything even tho they built out the start of a new arc.

It maybe unlikely but I can at least hope. Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. Though, this is so disappointing to a Beelzebub reader.