Even though in the end they’ll all be taken down by Ryuga’s L-Drago. Bull and Saggaterio collided with the special moves of Leone and Venus Leone. Then Kenta, who has already won his tournament, is challenged by Tsubasa. Rock Scorpio’s Deadly Poison Did you hear anything about this Battle Bladers? Yu is forced to battle Reiji, he loses, and Libra becomes badly damaged. He gets up, dresses up, and walks out of the small house to the river nearby; he splashes some water on his face, then walks around the village to find his father.

Hikaru Hasama, a strong blader from afar, arrives in town and is asked by Benkei to defeat Gingka. Returning from Koma Village, Benkei and Kenta are furious with Madoka when she experiments with their beys without telling them. Inside the mountain, Ryuga and Doji avoid all the traps set up against eventual intruders, such as arrows. But Gingka’s first opponent is Yu, the only person besides Ryuga and Phoenix who has ever defeated him. Kyoya was next to Minette and was trying to talk her out of it. Then Hyoma reveals a secret, and the fact he’s an old friend of Gingka’s. But Hyoma is interrupted when Yu intrudes, demanding to battle.

Three of their beys sent Mad Gasher flying again.

Pegasus Has Landed 2. Well then, that will be all for today, my friends. That’ll take a while.

Beyblade- Metal Fusion Episode 22 – The Fearsome Libra

Warriors On The Deserted Isl When he did, he saw three helicopters approaching. Did i hear that right?

Both beys hit Aquario. Rule Of The Galaxy! Archived from the original on May 31, You will be able to beyblaade a lot of points in a single match in those tournaments. They weren’t even competing. The Beyblade Grand Pri Pegasus plunders into the battle and all three lose. I dont wanna wait three months.


Beyblade- Metal Fusion Episode 22 – The Fearsome Libra – video dailymotion

Lightning Comes Thundering I He asks a man who sells fish, fearsoke well as some kids who are playing Beyblade if they have seen him. Kenta and Hyoma meet up at a duel tournament, Kenta battling in the forest stadium and Hyoma in the river stadium.

A space-sattalite, with the words “WBBA” written on it, that was close to the earth, was then activated. You’ll have to count on your own strength.

Fsarsome actually was fun.

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To qualify for fearsoem competition, each blader must have 50, points. Who wants the title of number one blader? Yu, how many bey points should be required to enter? Get in there right now and help Pegasus! On all the T. This fractures L-Drago, and is so powerful that both Bladers lose their balance and fall to the ground fezrsome feet up.

Fearsoke since i thought i never would. An Earth Star Is B Gingka prepares to battle Reji who is stronger than in his first two battles. Yeah, the Survival Battle was a pretty fun time. Oh yeah, i hear ya! I have a favor to ask of you. Riku opened his eyes and met her gaze. We cant get the WBBA involded in this. However, they had fun battling, and Ryo reminds his son that this is all that matters in a match. Even if my opponent is Kyoya, i’m not holding back! The strongest bladers from across the country will meet at one place and battle it out in a tournament of one on one battles.


She was surrounded epislde women sitting at computers. There is a new blader in town, Tetsuya, who is destroying the beys of the bladers he defeats. I’ve been hoping for something like this!

Thunder Star Blast Attack! Gingka is furious, but not so much as Kenta who, after swapping performance tips, storms off to find and battle Regi. Kyoya is tired of the weak battles he is forced to battle in, until he learns of a strong blader nearby: The two beys were fighting off the Aquario’s. Despite the others’ shock, Tsubasa leaves barely saying a word, ordering Yu to follow him away. Leaving without telling us first, buddy?

Did you hear anything about this Battle Bladers? Daaku Nebyura no shiro ” Japanese: Epispde can handle the pain. Gasher’s spintrack got stronger.

Ryuga and Killua’s mother. At another tournament, Sora creates his own move, Avalanche Boost, but still loses the tournament to Kenta. Even though she’s not use to battling.

After Kenta and Yu’s battle of will, everyone is looking for Tsubasa who has gone missing. Flame Lybra returned to Yu’s hand. Pegasus flew into the sky.