The anime WILL come back! But the action, cursing, passion and blood splillage in Bleach is just great hehe. Sunite May 1, at 3: I want to see more adventure of Ichigo and his friends! Then, a few weeks ago, I found out that they started again, and watched all the new episodes until with great anticipation. Ya feel meee Like Like. I understand exactly what you said.

They get money when it is published elsewhere. Sunite April 30, at 6: Doing another filler arc is too time consuming and expensive. You over analyzing it. Guy sensei is the definition of alpha in narutoverse I want Bleach back with Inoue, Chado, Renji and all its cast back!! Hopefully there will be a final movie for Bleach before the arc finishes!

When was he invented? Bleach is what got me into Anime! It again has natural capability to cure often the biochemical imbalances the idea causes many matters.

Dudes, if ur reading this, know that if u have a smart phone, or like a tablet, there are many many apps to read manga, and if u go to bleachget.

As far as the anime goes, TV Tokyo would still get a larger profit by animating Bleach rather than unknown things. Sunite June 13, at 1: I watch it on Yidio and about 2 months ago i got to episode and there was no more. Naruto sucks big time!


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Mishel April 24, at 2: Crazymaster04 March 28, at 4: You are commenting using your Twitter account. And maybe Emtal networks will see how much we want it and make it come back.

It will be a shame not seeing the rest of the story tele. I think the Captain Commanders Leuitenant was soft anyway as Ichigo beat him with one punch when he rescued Rukia. Its been five days and I am still pissed off about this cancellation. They totally ruin the ratings of the anime.

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Kubo is currently doing the Final Arc! I seriously hope it is a temporary thing, in order to allow the manga to get ahead further fusiion decrease the filler. In terms of fights and maturity, Bleach wins. Kubo has to get a chance at an anime or something…. I think everyone here are dedicated fan. Kyle April 3, at 4: But look at what Ichigo said!!!! Hi i think that this is a major injustice if u ask me i think nothing will ever come near to the quality of fights and plots that were woven on beyblaee i bliv bleach is the best so for me to learn that its over im greatly saddened and disillusioned by whole beybldae i appeal to the makers of bleach to please consider continuing this wonderful series thats has left me yearning for more.


Bleach has to come back!

Kevin April 4, at 3: They are both amazing animes, people who watch Naruto watches Bleach! Daily Anime Art May 8, at 6: They lost their creativity it beybkade. June 12, at 9: Bleach is awesome and all but fairy tail is good, probably just as good as bleach. Please someone, is there anyway to get the Bleach anime keep on going?

I want to know… NO! We are very unhappy about this.

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Bleach got cancelled for 2 reasons 1. Yes, they explained how he became a captain, was head of the detention center and developed the research and development institute where he made Kurotsuchi vice president. So if Kubo gets his second chance he should defiantly cut baisicly anything that dosnt help progress the plot. OP may have some epic fights but so does Bleach.

Until that time comes I will wait in anticipation and continue reading an absolutely superb story Like Like.