Our first picture, and it’s going to brand us forever as space matadors! I didn’t think you were into that stuff. This way to freedom, gums! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Big Time Rush returns to the Palm Woods after their world tour and learn they are now famous. Retrieved March 23,

Griffin thinks that the band needs a “bad boy” presence to broaden their appeal, and pairs them with “Wayne Wayne”, an Eminem parody who tries to inject dissension and tension into the group. I’m not allowed to say. Meanwhile, James and Latino pop star, Selana enter a three-day whirlwind relationship, while Logan and Kelly join forces to separate Carlos from his beloved hockey helmet after Gustavo demands that he not wear it anymore. Gustavo attempts to get a new band and modify their vocals to sound like BTR, but the boys thwart him. Kendall is determined to convince them to move back to their real home and make them realize that no fight is worth losing a friend over. Yes, from cuddly space matadors to Something like this. And Carlos, you’re gonna break down any door, that stands in our way.

But Dara’s evil stepmother always controls her life, and decides what she will eat and say and who she will date, so Carlos can’t kiss her. Meanwhile, Carlos has to make a choice to stand by either his best friend James, or his new benefactor Mr. Their tour hime wants to cancel the tour, while Gustavo and Kelly try to save it, but secret agents tell them that BTR want to take over the world.

You need to stay pretty. What the boys expect to be an easy task turns into a “big time disaster” when things don’t go according to plan. Logan is determined to get into a math lecture taught by Danica McKellar parody Phoebe Nacheebut is disappointed to find that the lecture is at an zevno school.


Kelly, you start by tying together all the garbage bags to fashion a crude zip line. And Carlos, you’re gonna break down any door, that stands in our way. After a big fight, the boys decide to move out. Archived from the original on February 4, Bitters, to get Katie to act in a commercial so that she can be admitted to the Palm Woods school.

What do we do?

They assume super-hero personas, and go back to get the drive away from Hawk. Famous, City Is Ours. They discover hig the demos are picked by a chimpanzee, and try to bribe it to pick theirs. Well, this’ll never work.

Carlos must choose the group’s newest single to play on the radio, but is caught between Griffin, who wants Love Me, Love Me and Gustavo, who wants Elevate. Kendall and Jo’s relationship is put to the test when she lands a part zsvon a new television series, New Town Highand must make out with the male lead, Jett Stetson.

Stand back, mi amigos. Ha, you heard the fourth most powerful CEO in America.

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Zdvon Time Rush returns to the Palm Woods after their world tour and learn they are now famous. I would say six or seven Max. Blow Your Speakers Out. Hey, look, it’s Dak Zevon! The fog is gone.

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Take the picture now, before something goes wrong! Lita Ford as herself. The bog take a stand against Gustavo’s harsh management style, which includes electric shocks, and refrain from recording a song for their follow-up album.


Hollywood’s assistant for the day. Camille is leaving the Palm Woods unless she gets an acting job, and the boys promise her, along with Jo and everyone else at the Palm Woods, a part in their upcoming music video. Logan decides he wants to date Camille again and let her make the first move, but Buddha Bob tells Camille to let Logan make the first move. Special guest star s: Logan pranks himself out and becomes “The Prankster Gangster”, supplying prank tools to the kids.

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Michelle Madison as herself and Challen Cates as Mrs. The boys duet with Jordin to record “Countin on You”. Now, let’s take this picture. The boys are not thrilled with their boring apartment at the Palm Woods, and hatch a plan to improve it when Gustavo creates a fun “fake” living area for them on the soundstage of an Electronic Press Kit shoot.

This is the series finale. Logan wanted to finish a book before the tour ends and French Inspector Henri Duchamp was looking for Carlos after posting online that he took a cricket out of France. Are you ready for a Dak attack?

Victoria Justice as herself Songs Featured: This is really messed up. Season 1 Episode 7. Bib, I’m the victim here. Come on, take it over.