I’d recommend it to mystery lovers and just about anyone who enjoys an entertaining anime. Just started watching Claymore again. Amber residence phuket – Thailand Hotels: I love Inuyasha’s misunderstanding of modern Japan. It’s a short 12 minute film that I’m not sure if everyone can appreciate, but I think everyone should watch something like this once in a while. Who is the Traitor!

If you want recommendations, create your own thread so more people can see it rather than going off topic here. Wasn’t good, but it wasn’t really good neither. Watched Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne episode 11 a while ago, and read some pogeyman manga. This is a fan made video. If you want action, go with Murder Princess. Pretty much an enjoyable, engaging series. I’ve never seen a RAW or subbed version of it before.

Bleach episode Ichigo Soul reaper once more!! Bleach – Ep Bleach – Ep Thread: It’s straight to the point and has a small plot twist, but it’s nothing complex.

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Idisclaim all rights concerning the audio and video content. Not sure if those are right, I watch and read dubed randomly. If you want something really out there, go with FLCL. Also I’ve watched School Days.

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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann; awesome so far – teared up at one point Highschool of the Dead; love the concept of zombies and ecchi, though they over-do the latter at some points Amagami SS; nice anume anime, the awkward moments are funny sometimes One Piece; the suspense is killing me atm.


Because it’s is the best thing ever. Bleach – Ep Thread: Here’s some six-episode anime that are nice to watch.

Last anime I watched was Yu-Gi-Oh! Last anime I watched was the latest Naruto Shippuden Watch Bleach Episode from the Bleach dubbwd. I like basically anything but i’m more into fighting, blood, adventure, drama right now.

Dubbbed now, I’m going to finish up Valkyria Chronicles today. I already inadvertently saw a couple spoiler gifs from Bleach ep !!! We need more Southeast Asian countries on this thing. But they didn’t make much sense in a way but still interesting to read. Hetalia only for Anime so far If you can’t stand vulgarity, steer clear from this anime.

Bleach ep – Bleach Episode

Now that he’s got most of her powers, she wants him to take over…. It certainly moved me.

Register using a connected account. Just finished episode 4 of Tokyo Mew Mew. Enjoy Bleach – Bleach Episode Revolutionanime – Arte Revolutionario Del Anime. Pretty good, had some boring parts but since Amber show up Ahime couldn’t stop watching. It’s called Detroit Metal City.


Just finished Claymore after watching the entire Rozen Maiden series. Read brand new Bleach and Naruto last night. This is a fan made video.

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I never would have thought I would have enjoyed this series so much. Ending was awesome, wasn’t it? Zalora singapore – Zalora singapore flea. Ginjo bleacb his true colors by attacking Ichigo and stripping him of his TTGL is definitely going in my books as the greatest anime I have ever watched.

Thumbs up if you see that delicious Tropicana orange juice! I watch the last episode of special a yesterday. Watch Bleach Episode of Bleach. It actually lives up to its reputation.

The ending was sensational; I was so please with it. Nikoi island – Nikoi Island: So going to watch Code Geass, anybody give me an overview of it please and thanks. Just started watching Claymore again.

I think it was Dragonball Z