The esteemed oral historian, Timuel Black, turns the microphone around to capture his amazing journey through 20th Century black America in Sacred Ground. I think there’s a level of understanding about a situation that can’t always be reached through logic, a level that only humor can touch. TV Shows in Progress. Jessica Hopper’s ‘Night Moves’: Although fifteen episodes were produced for season two, only thirteen aired in the United States. Rappers have advocated a no-snitching code of behavior when dealing with the police. Catcher attempts to free a plantation from Colonel Lynchwater. In the Season Two finale, Gangstalicious returns, this time with a new clothing line:

It’s okay if you don’t. Part 2 04 Feb This neighborhood is actually handling the shooting of an unarmed black man pretty well. I still haven’t heard anything that explains why people think N-word Rule Number Two “Black people can, and sometimes do, call each other the N-word” creates a loophole in N-word Rule Number One “White people shouldn’t call black people the N-word”. Complications have arisen from the second rule: And the Kids’ When This Life is Over contributes to the annals of popular culture representing melancholy while situating the band alongside the likes of Sylvia Plath, Robert Smith, Tennessee Williams, and a cadre of other artists and musicians hectored by dejection. Start your free trial. Lionel Richie, that’s who!

The Ten Best Boondocks Episodes Of All-Time

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Yet, as the newly risen Dr. On the surface, talking to the police in this context seems pointless. Huey seemingly raising from the dead and taking the smoldering remains boondodks the kickball toward homjes damn near crippled Ming to tag her out.

Trivia The character of Gangstalicious is loosely based on rapper 50 Cent. In the comics, Huey also had a thing for Star Wars. Then, they beat the crap out of him with their batons.


Besides the incredible 1-to-1 parodies and efficient use of the most spectacular and ridiculous moments from that race, the most beautiful thing this episode shows is the very real hype, misinformation, true motivations, and ovre underwhelming sentiment for much of the Black community regarding Boobdocks Obama. That’s not to say that law enforcement officers are inherently corrupt or that every controversial incident between a few officers should taint the reputation of every officer.

Together, they seek to organize a “black revolutionary” political party, which degenerates into little more than a block party with the dress code of a nightclub.

Whiteness is not freely alienable, meaning you can’t readily buy it and sell it. Season Two presents a number of issues that are important to the hip-hop community, a few of which are highlighted below. I generally have the same feeling about rap records, especially from artists we label as “socially conscious” or “progressive”. Much to Robert’s chagrin, Riley starts to walk, talk, and dress like his favorite rapper, Gangstalicious. Old-school martial arts films, NarutoCowboy Bebopand others.

Lionel Richie’s the one who should be sending hate mail. If we did, I suspect the world would be tremendously different.

Full Cast and Crew. For all booncocks talk you hear about us having “unity” and “sticking together”, we don’t always carry it out. King’s philosophies of nonviolence. I meant “obliterated” until he resorted to talking trash about her mama. He then tries to retrieve it on his own before the Lethal Interjection crew finds out.

Season two started on October 8, with ” Popmatters is wholly independently owned and operated. Even if we don’t have the solutions yetwe boondocsk at least laugh at the problems, and at ourselves.



Edgar Allan Poe’s 10 Best Stories. He convinces himself he boonfocks hallucinating. Robert and Ruckus leave dissatisfied as Riley tries to tell his own Catcher Freeman story.

Season Two of Aaron Mcgruder’s acclaimed comic-strip-turned-animated-series, The Episodscontinues its mixture of humor and political commentary while earnestly incorporating contributions from a variety of hip-hop artists, including Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Mos Def, Lil Wayne, Xzibit, 9th Wonder, and Ghostface Killah. In fact, during the episode he actually says, “That’s a damn shame.

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The rapper you think we’re talking about, we’re not talking about him. Freeman “Granddad”voiced by John Witherspoon, moves from the city life of Chicago to enjoy his elderly years in the predominantly boobdocks suburb of Woodcrest.

Prose Poetry for the Punk Rock Masses Jessica Hopper’s Night Moves is a dozen thorny roses for the city that keeps blowing its windy-ness beneath her darkly comic wings.

And Uncle Ruckus shotputting bricks at an Obama cardboard cutout. Rollo Goodlove try to capitalize on the incident of a teacher calling Riley “the N-word” in school. And he’s got more aliases than Method Man: As I’ve noted, rappers seem to really enjoy The Boondocksevidenced by the high profile hip-hop artists who have appeared on the show.

That’s not too difficult to comprehend.