For survivors of child sexual abuse, reading the details of the conviction can provoke a wide range of emotions. However, at elite level, when the overpaid physical freaks in the NBA have nailed how to get the ball in the hoop with metronomic monotony, first at one end and then the other, the only excitement to be had, when the action is interrupted by yet another foul or time out, is celebrity spotting in the front row. Golf is the first word that comes to mind when you hear the words sports and boring together. By court reporter Emma Younger. Start your free trial. Putting two teams together and asking them to sweep a rock across the floor and then judging who swept better is not sport, surely not. January 10 , 5: You are currently logged out.

Golf is the very definition of boredom. Australia’s floods and bushfires make it one of the most disaster-hit places, in the most disaster-prone region on the planet. Please click accept to agree with the use of all cookies. And a measly four per cent of Brits now play cricket as adults — preferring to avoid it entirely. Planes Mum’s ‘touching’ gesture to passengers in case baby cries on hour flight. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation.

The reason that the most expensive advertising slot in the world is at half-time during the Super Bowl is because after watching almost two hours of this turgid garbage people are prepared to pay attention to almost anything else, even David Beckham’s underpants.

But one factor by which a sport has always been judged has been its entertainment factor. The game lacks continuity and rhythm.

Top 10 most boring sports to watch

Some of the top ways a sport makes itself boring include simply nothing interesting ever seeming to happen, and games that take entire days to complete. For survivors of child sexual abuse, reading the details of the conviction can provoke a wide range of emotions. Our site uses cookies to deliver a better experience. Australians find tennis the most exciting sport to watch and golf the most boring.


The 9 most boring TV sports

When I was asked to come up with a list of watcch most boring sports on TV I think my editor must have had the Sochi Winter Olympics in mind. And the top five was rounded out by snooker, with a quarter of the population saying it was the most boring sport in the land. But sadly, a few of them have failed to adapt their rules and regulations according to the needs of the broadcast audience and spectators.

We have noticed that there is an issue with your subscription billing details. It’s taken me 30 years, but I’m proud to say I’m ginger. Please update your billing information. Test cricket This is a sport tailor-made for radio, rather than TV, and is an ideal background accompaniment to both an afternoon nap and eports recovery from a serious illness.

They waste half their time in preparation of the next pitch, frivolous throws to other catchers and that long walk up to the mould, trying to intimidate the batter, or rather frustrate.

If you say something sexist at work, will you lose your job? But the Pythonesque silliness of sports such as curling and skeleton bob, and the fact that we actually have a chance of winning a medal or two, make it appointment TV in my house.

Cricket was second on the list of the dullest sports in the world, with bridge coming in third and chess in fourth place. Other sports are simply boring because they feature a long time of little action, sometimes hours, then just a few minutes of actual action.

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All the same, 39 per boringesy of Brits voted golf the most boring game, even beating chess, draughts and bowls.

The snoozeworthy sport was invented in Scotland in and has been putting spectators to sleep ever since. Royal Baby How Meghan Markle’s belly button proves she’s in final stages of pregnancy Meghan Markle belly button has turned from an ‘innie’ to an ‘outie’, meaning she could be in her third trimester.

The only physical activity happens when the players bend their backs to take a shot. Get The International Pack for free for your first 30 days for unlimited Smartphone and Tablet access. Watching a bunch of athletes run around a city for hours together is the ultimate test of patience of the human mind. Wipe the floor clean! To watch it, then, must be an indication of some level of dementia.

Click here to see more Tap here to see more Tap here to see more. Natural disasters costing billions Australia’s floods and bushfires make it one of the most disaster-hit places, in the most disaster-prone region on the planet. How a trip to Reynolds Yo Oconee taught me to appreciate the sport of golf. Contact Us Advertise with Ot. The adrenaline rush and the excitement that a spectator derives from watching a sport is what defines its marketability.

Boriingest sports, which include professional sports, college sports and even Olympic sports, might be popular but they are also the best at being completely boring. A phalanx of archers firing their flaming arrows into the night sky during a medieval siege must have been something to witness.