They are great, especially 3 and Knuckles. Ignore all of those games, they’re not worth your time. Episode 1 namely is terrible. Proud to be old school gamers, except for ExandShadow, BrainScratchComms isn’t afraid to dive right into a pile of crap waiting for them, just so everyone can laugh at their misfortune. Sonic Colours is really worth playing apparently, haven’t played it myself and so is Sonic Rush. Sonic Heroes – I like it. I find the game to be pretty fun and found enjoyment in the Werehog stages. Oct 21, 10, 1 0.

I didn’t think it was horrible, but it wasn’t particularly good either. I think it’s weirdly my favourite one out of the 4. Sonic 06 – lol Additional games – both Rush games are incredibly strong takes on the Sonic franchise and the DS version of Sonic Colours is good too. Nov 16, 0 0 26 Alabama twitter. Though it depends if the crowd who says “Sonic has never been that good” shows up. And I’m the kind of person who loves Colors and Generations.

Sep 3, 26, 2 33 Philippines. The place that legit made a Hardcore fan give up on posting anything about sonic on here ever again. Proud of what they do, these guys have played games that are considered the greatest of all time, games that are average, and games that are just utter pieces of shit. The night missions have quite long stages and the gameplay is just slow.

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Though try to get the version if you can. Its the best worst Sanic game. I bet people are already recommending the Wii version so I won’t bother. Do nrainscratchcomms have a PC?


I cannot recommend it enough if you want to play a Sonic game.

Sonic Heroes is super hit or miss, I like some brainscratchcomsm but hate others, and doing that 4 times is awful overall. The werehog stages are a bit boring, but not offensive or outright bad. And I’m the kind of person who loves Colors and Generations.

MrBadger Member Aug 1, Only game worse than this is Shadow. Plus, that level of edge is worth playing. If you just really wanted to play it for some reason, get episode 2, but honestly just buy the Genesis classics, they are available everywhere. Kthulhu Member Aug 1, But it osnic great, sounds great, and the Sonic stages are a good time, so it’s kind of a mixed bag.

Jul 30, 8, 0 Las Vegas. Jan 6, 1, 8 New York. Certainly better than Sonic 4. brainxcratchcomms

I enjoyed heroes despite some being down on it. Second one can be okay but feels a bit too “hold right to win”.

Barinscratchcomms because they are willing to play through horrible crap so we don’t have soni makes them my favorite Let’s Players. Dec 8, 2, 11 Randomizer Member Aug 1, It’s also worth mentioning that the way these three play Mario Party is a lot more classy than Mario Party After Dark. I dunno man, shadow was at least functional and had decent load times. Sonic Heroes is fun. I’d say if you liked Adventure 1 and 2, you’d like Heroes. Well in case of Sonic 4 that will probably be never.


Between the open world fluff and mediocre brawler I couldn’t finish it. Menitta Member Aug 1, The problem is those stages are locked behind stupid coins braunscratchcomms progressing through the Warehog stages, which are slow brawlers that take waaaaaay too long.

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Oct 9, 1, 0 0 25 California. But it looks nice. Unleashed has its moments, WereSonic stages are alright but nothing special. It has the best casino level in the series, though.

Though it depends if the crowd who says “Sonic has never been that good” shows up.

Best of BrainScratchComms (Fan Edit) – Sonic the Hedgehog 4 (Episodes I + II)

Blackleg-sanji1 Banned Aug 1, Unleashed would be alright, but the werehog sections are too long and pretty boring. I like it more than Heroes. There’s even special stages! Unleashed is pretty good! Sayers Member Aug brajnscratchcomms, Jul 15, 21, 0 0.

Sep 30, 30, 0 0. It is worth playing for a variety of reasons. Sonic Unleashed is probably the biggest-budget Sonic game they ever made.