But your brother hates him. The man who doesn’t know our traditions can’t be my son-in-law. It’s happiness all the way again Trusting you, I gave up my own brother. I’m not here as village head, I’m here as your elder brother. Though you appear like a fool, your maths is very strong.

The two families are feuding with each other. The fun is touching the sky Please don’t tell anyone that I like him. Is he his son-in-law? The young maiden’s heart too swayed, O parrot Stay away from the people of this village, let’s go Krish. This is my family photo.

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You’re a brother to yourself Did he go to farm? It’s you who brought me here before marriage and announced it to all. May I present you that happiness to you, my dear But uncle, I’m sure about one thing, instead of people asking what a miserable life they had, after death its better they ask, what a great life they had! Tell me, why do you hate that village? What have you done? Darkness has broKen the fences You said he’ll not leave anyone if he likes.


Man who can charm anyone More than my own daughter. Hey boy, let the colours enchant Can’t you be little encouraging? You stood by him in everything but he fears you’ll not support his love.

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You’re his sister’s husband, right? What am I to pack after you’ve packed everything? There’s a big zoo Known as National Safari, you can find different kinds of animals, you wouldn’t have seen them in your life. As soon as you get him, lynch the bastard! If I go away brondavanam, I’ll be a cheat to your father, it’s bound to happen today or in future, that’s not a big deal, but your people who supported me with love against your father, if they come to know that trust is false?

I’m with my paternal uncle and joined college here. Becoming his support or hurdle is in your hands now.

What do you do? Why are you after him?

If I still go to the temple with all this, God will feel bad. I subtirles you future wife’s future husband. Stay happily till you are here.


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I’m waiting eagerly that he will some day. Even if it’s their mother You didn’t even tell your sister’s husband also. How do you expect him to talk to me then? Invited trouble from elder uncle, if it necessary to pick up trouble from younger uncle too? No news about his whereabouts also, brother. How confident you’re on me, brother! Your life will also have a meaning.

Why am I knowing all the truths? Am I your original lover to feel for it? I’ve never seen so many varieties of animals.