On track 2 I asked my wife to come and listen. I went back and forth between the digital input and 2 channel bypass on the SP3. Find all posts by jdandy. The dwindling audio processor market has been shrinking for quite some time now. I did switch back and forth between having the SP3 process the data and the Marantz process the data and do give the nod to the SP3. Create new account Request new password.

For home theater I lean toward those able to keep up as well as offer good sound. The second overall menu option is to set parameters for each source input. I do not want video scaling or processing in my pre pro. Hey Outstanding, Glad to see Bryston finally got this one to market and it’s nice to have another choice in the market. If current is what your speakers crave, a Bryston amp could be their best friend. C’mon all you Bryston SP3 owners or lurkers, chime in here about your experiences. Close to the edge. The store and showroom are impressive indeed, and the Bryston, SP3 was setup in its best showroom.

I waited 2 brystno to replace my SP1. If current is what your speakers crave, a Bryston amp could be their best friend. How consumers buy electronics has evolved to where Amazon.


My son, Nick, recently attended an engineering weekend for high-school seniors at a nearby university. I have not had the opportunity to compare this in the same room to other pre amps but I have heard the Ayre, Classe, and prefer the sound of the SP3.


I listed to CD’s that I am familiar with. One area I felt that could be improved is the user manual.

The process from start to finish took less than 5 minutes and my new firmware was installed. However, it’s not a purpose-built room, it’s a basement that’s been appropriated for home-theater use. Can anybody comment on that?

If I want to setup the speaker balances manually does the 12 create test tones? In my set up I have 1 primary source for video which is my Marantz UD If there’s one thing I know about Arcam, it’s that they like to do things their own way. Why is it the latest Primare two channel gets written up but their multi channels don’t? Krell Foundation Surround Processor.

Originally Posted by jcrxman Thank you both! There are so many great choices for pre-amps and amps!

Primare SP33 vs Bryston SP3

Long enough to become a bit of an institution among home theater insiders. Pei, and even fewer vw DVD screens in Brystonn. The Cary Cinema 12 and Model 7. I ran all this in 2-Channel Bypass mode, of course, meaning pure analog in, analog out, and no sub selectable in the setup with my Revel Salon main speakers—and it sounded great.

C’mon all you Bryston SP3 owners or lurkers, chime in here about your experiences. Long explanation of why I’d really like to know what you’ve decided and why! I am very impressed with the fact that even with a new product like the SP3 they continue to tweak the firmware to improve the ease of use and set up of the product.


In this case, I think that Bryston blew it by not stepping up to the plate here. In fact on vinyly the width and depth of my soundstage seamed to open up even more.

When I select a digital input instead of 7. The UD has over hours on it so it is well burned in. The Cary Cinema 12 and Model 7.

Cary Cinema 12 Surround Processor –

I will be using an Oppo for play back as it has a separate 2 channel out that can go into balanced or rca analog connections. As to the Cary cinema 12’s sound quality Vx have to agree with all of it’s excellent reviews.

I finally achieved that window of sound in my media room. On the other hand you don’t want the system to become sibilent.

They both send a P or I signal to the projector. This included the Pioneer Elite DV59i. Last edited by LordoftheRingsEE; at I know both have received favorable reviews and high regard but I am unsure as to how they fare head to head.