Meanwhile, Atticus Fetch starts his tour on bus not having enough money to pay for his airplane expenses. Archived from the original on October 16, Retrieved February 15, Atticus’s Wife Johann Urb Hank attempts to write a new project and Charlie gets fired at his job over the mishap with Robbie Mac. This turns out to be a dream representative of his lifestyle.

After receiving a bonus paycheck, he buys a new car for himself and a new guitar for Becca. So what were they? Robbie Mac Dustin Ybarra Mia’s book becomes a hit and Ashby holds a party in its honor, where Damien cheats on Becca and Charlie decides to divorce Marcy to get together with Daisy. Stu Beggs Patrick Fischler Hank is shocked that Karen is engaged and ponders his career trajectory from respected novelist to screenwriter to blogger; Charlie’s fling with an assistant has dire marital consequences; a sexy teen steals something from Hank.

One of Hank’s beautiful exes turns up with a big surprise that rocks his world, but ultimately his heart remains with Karen; Charlie and Marcy have financial woes, until Stu steps in with an offer that might be too good to refuse. Share this Rating Title: Hank doesn’t take the criticism well and he decides to meet up with Faith for encouragement. Retrieved March 29, Hank reluctantly heeds the advice from his family and friends, but Faith, muse to many-a-rock-star, may be his light at the end of the tunnel.

Hank royally screws up and it does not go over well. Retrieved January 24, Hank Moody Natascha McElhone Californiacayion creator and executive producer was Tom Kapinos.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The first season of Californication premiered August 11, and ended October 29, Later, as he tries again to leave for New York, Sam asks him to take Kali out on the town.

After leaving Mia’s, Hank tells Karen everything just as the police arrive to arrest him. S6 E1 S6 E3. Karen visits Los Angeles and Hank must deal with her discovery of his affairs–and with her plan to move the family to New York.

On the opening gig of the caloforniacation Atticus remarries Charlie and Marcy onstage, which makes Hank fantasize about asking Karen to marry him. He tracks californiaccation to a nearby restaurant and expresses her love to her only to find that she is on a date with Chris from her yoga class.


He later re-enacts the script with her in her hotel room. Retrieved January 25, Hank tries to understand Kali better so he can write more sincere lyrics, so she tells him about her feelings when she came to LA. After picking up a younger woman in a bookstore, Hank finds out that she is actually Bill’s year-old daughter, Mia. After confronting him, he decides to talk to Becca about Tyler instead of lashing out at him.

Hank accepts Faith’s invite on visiting her californiacatjon parents in her hometown, including posing as her boyfriend. In the season finale, Hank must deal with Karen’s wedding and Becca’s first eeason.

Retrieved April 4, Atticus, newly single, turns his attention to “a fan” of his at the party.

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Retrieved March 13, Hank gets a vasectomy and attends a party thrown episide Sonja, whom he’d been with in season one. When Charlie shows up with Rick, their attempts to help only make things worse.

Meanwhile, Charlie and Stu join forces when they believe that Marcy is being brainwashed by Ophelia’s influence. However, when Hank returns to LA, the original copy is lost when he is carjacked. Karen continues her job as the interior designer of Atticus Fetch’s house.

Both of them meet with Atticus Fetch about continuing their partnership on the proposed musical project.

Charlie announces to Hank and Faith that Atticus is contemplating retiring from the music business including dropping out from the musical due to wanting to spend time in rehab. Archived from the original on February 25, An intervention from Karen, Becca, Charlie, and Marcy due to concern of his behavior, increased drinking, and past experiences leads Hank to decide to enroll in a rehabilitation center.

Charlie meets up with Robbie to discuss potential film projects. Christian Bale is a bonafide A-list star, but he missed out on plenty of huge roles along the way.


He drinks it and Carrie reveals it’s laced with prescription anti-depressants. He doesn’t end up telling Becca what he saw, but Sam and his men decide to teach Tyler a lesson that lands him in the hospital.

This turns out to be a dream representative of his lifestyle. Movie production starts for Sam’s movie, Santa Monica Copbut Hank jeopardizes his friendship with Sam by having a rendezvous with the lead actress.

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Then later on, while they are at a bar, Faith receives a call from her mother. Becca finds a boyfriend named Damien. Tweaker Chick Sarah Wynter Sex-addicted Hank sleeps with many women, including a woman who is cheating on her enraged, muscular husband; and Californiacstion Madeline Zimaa year-old girl who Hank had assumed was older. Retrieved March 28, The principal of Becca and Chelsea’s school contacts them and reports that the girls’ physical confrontation has gotten them expelled.


A prostitute who is acquainted with Ashby and Hank claims that Hank is better in bed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. 66 go south when Ophelia uses her taser on both Charlie and Stu, however, Marcy is put off by Ophelia’s behavior. This doesn’t thrill Hank at first, but later the other guests walk californiacarion on him and Sonja in the bedroom.

Hank finishes Ashby’s biography. Thanks to Tyler, Bates drinks excessively at a Venice restaurant, but Hank and the guys arrive to save the day for Karen and Becca. He also gets some news about the job he recently accepted. Bill and Karen are at the same event and Karen makes a scene.

Californiacatlon, Marcy becomes closer to Ophelia Roberts Maggie Wheelera strong feminist and self-proclaimed man hater who is seemingly taken by the idea of swearing off men.