Doesn’t hurt to try. Ultraworld , Mar 24, No, create an account now. The big thing was that several factors come into play to arrive at the final values. My preference is to run the base amp clean or with a bit of growl and then push it over the edge using a good effects chain of OD, fuzz, and distortion. I played it and thought it was a cool tube head.

Write a user review Ask for a user review. So, after some horse-trading, I called the MTS mine. Thank you so much for your post. What I didn’t like: Try things out and see how it goes. The best thing to try is to put a cap in position with an appropriate value approximately to block DC.

The Brad June 17, at 4: I know this thread is 4 years old, but I like to add to it to help others if possible. W Tango Delta July 6, at 3: Mod Part One Disclaimer: The biggest deal with a mod on an amp like this is dealing with the manufactured assembly. No matter what preamp tubes I tbue in it, I was always adjusting my EQ to get it back to where I liked it. This Buy It Now listing has ended.

Thoughts on the Carvin MTS 3200?

The nice thing about this amp is the switchable bias for EL34s or 6L6s, which would probably give a different flavor. Also most tend to agree the reverb is a little harsh.

Circuitry they are not even sedies, I have modded both for guys removing the SS circuit. Do not say, “But Brad told me to do it!


I really dug the tone he had in the video but I worry if the K in the diodes position is enough, what do you think? These make great pedal platforms, but the major of the opinions are right about the drive channel, a minor bit fuzzy.

It actually kicks like a closed cab. Sep 10, It was worth every penny and more. Still have it the combo, same amp though and it is a steal. I seroes even own a back-up amp and have done gigs with this Carvin.

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I like everything about this amp. Eliminating the Diodes from the circuit weren’t that challenging. Sep 10, 4. I have a lot of questions, I feel confident when I open her up I will be able naster recall my knowledge, but if you could point me in the right direction with the math more from a conceptual standpoint that would be awesome.

So I sold it for a song and moved on. Do you already have an account?

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Sep 10, 2. Is there a drop in current after the diodes? Add to watch list Add to wish list. I had a Blue Voodoo and figured out that they sound great when you cut the tones back to 2 to 4. I’ve done a bit more playing with 3200 MTS today, and pushing a little volume I think I like it better now than how it sounded before, but still crvin for tweaking.


I probably will not be using the drive channel at all, just running a fuzz into the clean channel. Your name or email address: So with EL34’s the V1 and V2 filaments average 4.

Marshall Jubilees have clipping diodes, one of the most popular Marshalls out there. Pulling a pair of the 6L6’s, which should reduce heater current to 3. Very stout and durable construction.

Need Input… Carvin MTS 3200 50th Anniversary

What I didn’t like: Lots and lots of balls! W Tango Delta June 17, at 4: There are a TON of quick connects and the main board has to be removed seres do any work.

But it won’t cost carvib much to find out for yourself, and you can eventually sell it for what you paid, probably. It could be anything from poor QC on the actual transformer where the taps for the filament were just done wrong all the way to some other internal failure condition from heat, wear, abuse, or whatever.