Kazune paling benci sama serangga. Kazune destroys Kirio’s ring but collapses from fighting. Although sometimes the story-lines got a bit too chaotic, Kamichama also has its strong moments. Not sure how to describe this. Little does Karin know that her mother’s ring has the power to make her a goddess! Micchi tries to use the power of his ring to save them, but ends up being eliminated as well.

It’s not the most original by any means, but it was one of my first manga, so I’m biased. I like the art which isn’t nearly as chibi as the cover. Karin is cute, but she’s tough, too: TV Anime Cast Jun 14, She was an OK character, and the story was sort of funny at times, but this manga made me realize what I don’t like about most manga: Kirika has arrived at the festival and is searching for Karin. She finds Karin and tells her their Himeka is healthy, and Kirio has healed. Overall, it’s entertaining as long as you don’t feel the need for depth or complexity, good if you need to relax and give your brain a rest.

Shouldn’t she be gorgeous as a goddess and can stay ordinary when she’s in normal human form? In the opening, the time was in the future.

Karin and Kazune seem to spend all of their time kamicama at each other, and I don’t find Kazune’s sexist remarks at all charming. Keep in mind that these rankings are based on how people rated indi Anak dari sahabat baik ayah Kazune. Zumindest ging es mir so. Kirika tells Karin about the reason she dresses as a man. To Omatsuri Dashi ” Japanese: It’s not the most original by any means, but it was one of my fir I have read all the volumes that are in this series.


This was about three years ago and I ended up specifically loving this series so This review applies to all 7 books of the Kamichama Karin Series and contains no spoilers.

episod With endearing characters despite Kazune’s chauvenistic retorts occasionally this really is a manga series you will grow to love. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. While looking for her ring, Karin runs into a small boy, Suzune, who is looking for his mother. Kazune gets jealous of Michii because he kisses Karin, so they don’t talk to each other.

Crunchyroll to Stream The irregular at magic high school Apr 4, Paperbackpages. At Kirio’s house, Karin kamichamx the other Himeka and befriends her. Views Features Reviews Columns. She also learns Himeka has a crush on somebody, most likely Kazune known from some clues.

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Deb digs in to it. I was very lukewarm about Kamichama Karin. During the dance, Kirika takes her ring without her knowing.

Kazune ceria Micchi to go on their side. Don’t get me wrong. A little back story for my own personal remembrance, when I first picked up this series it was at the urging of a friend who owned a copy and was letting me borrow it.


Kirio decides to spy on Karin and company by pretending to be a fortune teller. In an attempt to stop her brother, Kirika disappears, presumably dead. Berada di pihak Karasuma.

lamune ep 10 english subbed part 1

Dia sangat populer sehingga dibuat fans-clubnya namanya Micchirian. I mean don’t get me wrong. Setelah itu saya mendapat mimpi bahwa nanti akan ada pertarungan hebat dimana saat pertarungan itu selesai, Michi akan mati, Jin akan kehilangan ingatannya, dan Kazune kehabisan tenaga setelah bertarung hingga keadaannya melemah. Kazune is actually a clone of professor Kujyou and he is incomplete, which is why he passes out after using his kimika.

Gabriella takes a look at an underrated magical girl show that takes place in the streets of Harajuku, while Paul runs down all this week’s new blu-ray releases! Refresh and try again.

Karin is kari, but she’s tough, too: Jelmaan dari dewi Athena. Am Grab ihres geliebten Haustiers trifft sie auf einen fremden Jungen, der nicht gerade freundlich zu ihr ist. I’ll probably get the next volume the next time I’m at the library.