Dada ji praises Manav. Manek tells them about the broker. To make this plan a success Umaben calls a guy who fakes his and Chhanchhan’s relationship which will create chaos in the lives of Manav and Chhanchhan. Maithili says no, he was covering his face Chhan Chhan says no, I have to be with Manav. She said chhanchhan made many mistakes and she did not know any work. Rangrasiya Episode – , July 29th, Scene 1 Sumer says that child means happiness in home, we will all play with him, Maithili Umaben is removed as head of mahila sanstha and people seeking Mansi’s hand in marriage reject him.

The power goes, and he lights a candle. Kaumudi says Sanjana is having fever. Matilal says why did you not tell us that you are coming. Manav comes to his room and gets a call from Rupali. Dada ji praises Manav. Having solved their problems, Manav and Chhanchhan live happily. Rupali tells them everything that Manav is charged of murder and the business is going on.

Family Drama Comedy Romance.

He sees Chhan Chhan sleeping and sits by her side staring at her. Chhan Chhan thinks Manav is hiding something. Manav takes the video in which the doctor and Harish admit their activities.

The family realise Harish chanhan alive. She says Umaben came home.

Chhan Chhan hugs Manav. Mokut asks Kaumudi to complete her order. Mokut talks to Matilal. Next day, while Manav and Chhanchhan are out on a drive, a bicycle rider wearing a helmet is knocked unconscious as she deliberately collides with Manav’s car. This page was last edited on 2 Decemberat Manav says what are you saying Rupali, I thought of you as a friend, I m married.


Mokut, Manek, Manthan and Manav meet the client in the police station. Kaumudi asks Manav what he is thinking. Manav says if they come to know about me and they say no.

Chhan Chhan sees her wearing Mangalsutra. Rangrasiya Episode -June 30th, Scene 1 Rudra says anything you know about him. They say we came here to say that Umaben cannot be our head now as we did not hear anything positive about your family. Matilal asks inspector to leave as he is having guests. He says lets go home now. Maansi comes there looking beautiful.

The police says we have witness too. Manthan calls him lawyer. Manav says I will pay you the double. Mokut episoe let it be and leaves for the office. And the luck one was chhanchhan. Chhan Chhan calms down Maansi.

episide Manav asks Maansi to forgive him as this happened because of him. I could talk to him. Chhan Chhan tells everything to Kaumudi. Manav works late in the night while Chhan Chhan sleeps. Chhan Chhan smiles and thinks she will do whats pending. Chhan Chhan comes with the police. Chhan Chhan brings the roti maker.

Kaumudi and everyone talk about Rupali and her deeds. Thank you guys for reading WUs and commenting. Chhan Chhan says you are a widow now.


ChhanChhan & Manav – Love Scene 61

She elisode she made the plan to meet Manav again in her life. She gives him strength. Chhan Chhan is shocked. Ranjana and Sanjana are waiting for Chhan Chhan in the kitchen. Dadaji was proud of the entire house. Chhan Chhan asks Manav what he was doing. Dada ji praises Manav.

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He thinks of how he met Chhan Chhan. When Umaben finds out her son is in love with Chhanchhan, she feigns illness and tells her family she will only recover if Manav marries a girl of her choice. Ranjana and Sanjana apologize. He says the mobile has the recording. She explains him that he has to cheer up for his family and asks him to smile. Chhan Chhan makes him eat food. Dada ji hugs him.

That night, Umaben faints and is rushed to hospital. Mokut says we will be together. Chhan Chhan says Manav is a honest and hardworking man. Mokut says you leave with Chhan Chhan, we will meet you in the court.