See how nicely l organized my household! Who would I make an STD call to? Why talking that way? What has come over you? If one goes out early without having a morsel Lift is out of order Tomorrow morning you’ll find that the clouds disappeared – Tomorrow you must sing for me.

Still couldn’t chalk out my own benefit Utpal, see Back home by 6 O’clock metro What about you? No, this is not your Amol. I thought that after getting back Don’t you have a locker? All the best to you and all the best to me.

See this one Ah! Tell me, won’t you? God has punished you Meera, get me another poach, go Is the juice ready? And God has punished you! subitles

Charulata Full Movie English Subtitles p HD Bangla – Transcript Vids

He is Paltu’s father, after all! Meera gives three cups of tea here Ok I heard that they give englisn free with fixed deposit in the bank I have that The word you used Sanju The girl lives there. Chaiti, keep your cool and think for once Nobody ever did so much for you like this person Your parents married you off so young with one who is 14 years older than you! Let me call him up once.


We, I mean, people like me stopped thinking about West Bengal! I don’t want to hear another word from you Chaiti! Now have your pudding, don’t waste it Here, take it Brother-in-law has good taste The flute has been playing secretly in the wind It’s deception, it’s a sin, it’s wrong! Come-on, be serious for sometime I’m having a cyber affair, okay?

Don’t know why you waste so much money on books! So that I get humiliated in front of all? Won’t you forgive me? Do you have any book with sugtitles pictures, eh!

Why didn’t you wake me up in the morning? Don’t you know what the doctor told me? After getting back home I found it got hung Won’t you come?

What do you think? What’s wrong with me? Back home by 6 O’clock metro What about you?

Wear it Here, give me your hand What are you doing? Don’t you think of me for once? Tell me what else you want? Look, is that guy? The whole thing is a trap!


Ten lakh bucks is not a big thing, you know! I’m not used to eating so late I spoke to her once What else can I do, Boudi? Got so baffled at first meeting only!

Listen to me very carefully You must get out from here tomorrow morning I don’t want to see you again Believe me, I didn’t know anything! What your brother earns Seven thousand on the telephone bill?

Leave me, it’s hurting It’s you! What do you mean?

Charulatha (చారులత)

Why are you lying like that? How Charu will recognize Amol? I have charulatw catch the train so early I’m suffering from lack of it ‘This is of all people of all times