The whole lot of us. Zahra Mirza November 14, Firaaq — Episode 11 Fatima Awan November 15, Shanakht — Episode 15! But, nope, I had to sit through the opening 4 minutes like this:. This play is definitely a breath of fresh air not only because of a different.

Zahra Mirza November 23, Bashar Momin — The End! Aik Pal is the latest offering by Hum TV. Shanakht — Episode 16! Shanakht — Episode 13! I don’t quite understand why the writers decided to drift so far off the original i. I just love the timing of this play. It was once again a very well-paced episode but the main focus was purely on Hashim.

Jackson Heights — Episode 10! Close Window Loading, Please Wait! Now, if they could do it without having to do an actual scene with Shafaq passing ss, that would have been great. Maryam November 9, Firaaq — Episode 11 Fatima Awan November 15, Zahra Mirza November 14, Ohkay, so fair enough.

Zahra Mirza November 16, Welcome to the world of Rahat. I will definitely praise the bits that deserve to be praised. Firaaq — Episode 12 Fatima Awan November 22, Zahra Mirza November 11, MM failed to impress because of cliched topic.

Bashar Momin — The End! But, nope, I had to sit through the opening 4 minutes like this:. Hmmmm, this drama is indeed breaking some norms here.


I just love the timing of this play. Finally an episode that was happening and also quite convincing. Zahra Mirza November 9, Well, I must say this drama is nothing short of brilliance.

It was so off track, that bringing it back within 17 minutes 35 minutes total episode minus 14 minute Shafaq flashback minus 4 minutes it took for Shafaq to die was impossible and really – after the constant antipathy Saqib showed Saira, why would he finally agree to marry her?

I must say that Mahira Khan manages to steal the show every time just by her. Questions, quizzes and a bit of chit chat. She has been the face.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. This episode started off at a good note but as usual, it got lost somewhere in between. Those we will fpisode have to endure quite a few of Zahra Mirza November 18, Shanakht — Episode 16! Raise your hand if you’re ready to see this drama end What is it about being on the hot seat with HSY.

Saqib lost his parents and now the only family. Zahra Mirza December 2, It was just another day in the lives of all our.

Chupkay Se Bahaar Ajaye Episode 5

Omar enjoys spending time chupkah Mohini and felt it was important for her to know why he is the way he is- Mujhe. Are the guest boring? Jackson Heights — Episode 09! Aik Pal Episode 1: Jackson Heights — Episode 12! Drama Reviews Back to homepage. Two celebrities, one host.


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This play reminds me of all the beautiful love stories I have ever seen and watching such a story unfold on your TV screen. Jackson Heights — Episode 11! Zahra Mirza November 28, Zahra Mirza November 21, Zahra Mirza December 5, This episode was picture perfect; I love the filmy and the romantic element of this play.

We can finally stop guessing what is wrong with Imroze because the cat is out of the bag. chupkaay

Firaaq — Episode 13 Fatima Awan November 29, Nothing is worse then investing 20 plus in this epiaode 20 exactly weeks, to have to end on this note.