I should say right here that we were living in Romania, Romania travel is our thing and we are travel bloggers. Since you are here, you can also visit the Orizont commercial centre. The four turrets symbolise jurisdiction over the city including for capital punishment. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. World Experience Festival at a previous edition editor romania-insider. Senior events coordinator at City Compass Media. We go back now every year for a week in the summer and one in winter, our kids are smitten by Brasov itself and surroundings. These situations however are highly unlikely to happen in the central areas.

This part of the world is incredibly complex. Such taxis are waiting in the first row at the train station stand. The path now runs along the wall but little remains as the city has extended and built through the wall starting back after some serious flooding in the early 19th century. It is located almost in the centre of the country and surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains. Down, Northern Ireland owns the place. You’ll also find cheap clothing items at the Brintex commercial centre, in Bartolomeu, next to the Eliana Mall.

It is a barsov of joy and fun. Learn how your comment data is processed. We loved this apartment in the centre of Brasov. Same with cheese… Learn more.

Most rooms offer minibar, satellite TV, telephone, radio and room service. Hotel AmbientStr. Romanians were forbidden from owning land or houses in the city walls and so would enter and exit through here and live in the nearby area of Scheii Brasovului.

Hundreds of tourists go on this route every weekend. Even though all Romanian trains are increasingly comfortable, try to take the InterCity IC trains, of which there are three per day. The interior is richly decorated with furs and other Dacian stuff.


Maybe it could be the narrowest in Eastern Europe. Taxis are usually parked in designated areas along the curb, which are in the proximity of bus stations or other busy sfatuluj. Ask for Silviu or Loredana. Its worth to get early in the morning, because there are less visitors.

Your browser does not support iframes, but you can use the following link: Inside you’ll also find the Superland amusement park, a good place for kids to have fun.

However they are not present in all bus stops and their opening hours might differ. Ccinema best way to get there is by car and you will find several small parking lots.

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It leaves on Thursdays and Fridays from Online Magazine Edited by The national union of filmmakers. Then, cross the street and go few meters to the right. Dozens of tents from several beer companies piat their products. Oktoberfest — September 6 — 16 in Brasov.

The bus line 20 will take you close to the place, but you will have to walk a little. Panini – Also on 15 Noiembrie nr.

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Prices are only slightly higher than the combination of city bus and train and the journey is scheduled to take 3 hours although it can be a little less. From Roman origins to Saxon development and medieval fortifications, the layout and constructions of the old parts of town seem to have changed little.

Did you know that Transylvania used to be part of Hungary and that sfatuuli people are ethnic Hungarians? The city turned the towers into tourist attractions in when tourism became a main source of income for Brasov.


It is a 13 minute ride. She is preparing for the last big championship of her sports career.

There is a school museum but unfortunately it was closed when we visited. The athmosphere is warm, and many tourists find the place to be welcoming. Bastion Graft or Bastion Gate seen above, provides a bdasov from the main city walls to the white tower above. There you take a bus to Fagaras. Note that buses 23 and dashed 23 are not stopping at the main terminal located in front of the train station. Most recommended taxi companies in the town are: World Experience Festival at a previous edition editor romania-insider.

Where can you see this year’s Oscar movies in Romania? Taxis [ edit ] Taxis are a faster and more comfortable way to get around town than public transportation. Cinemateca Patria – Film vinema, usually with free entrance, except for newer movies, where a ticket is 10 lei. In the water and reed labyrinth of the Danube Delta, lies the most widely spread swamp area of Europe.

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I’ll stake cash that you wouldn’t imagine the rural…. It has small prices and serves good quality, typical Romanian food. It includes a multiplex cinema, food court, swimming pool, a supermarket and a very large parking area. There is a splendid location in a fabulous environment to the Mountaines??? Unirea Shopping CenterEliana Mall. Notify me when new comments are added.

Kismet Dao HostelStr. The brands they carry are: