The line from Loomis in the first movie is all you ever need to know about the killer. Plus, it is his list anyway, so what. NeilHammond 1 a prequel isnt a remake its a story about before the original and 2 what is it called? Shadow of The Vampire? For one thing they demystified the villain half way through and did something unprecidented in the TCM series and unmasked Leatherface on screen. The thing is my top favorite from all of them,though i have never see the original i will wach it to honnor one of the greatest horror films i have wached! What about the Wolf Man remake? I know what you mean with The Grudge.

Also I like Zombies Halloween II better than the first one, since he totally made it his own while still being a remake. Dawn of the Dead was an awful remake. It was entertaining and the characters were all awesomely done. Now I actually want to see remake of The Thing. Regardless, I understand the movie is priority, and sucking up time. That was great dude! No fucking Dracula ?

Amiga CD32 Ep Valaris Well Im not james, but my thoughts are…Bram stokers: Mako laugh at the grudge… thats a new clnemassacre. And the Grudge scarred the shit out of me. I think that Halloween remake is incredibly lazy. What is the film that is shown at 1: The world needs good people, with good opinions.

We shall feast upon you souls!! No spoilers, but 1?

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Invasion of The Body Snatchers? The only sequel they are even close to being better than is Resurrection.

Knawie She also played the witch in Army of Darkness. I would have put The Hills Have Eyes on here. Like all remakes it was completely unnecessary, the original is way more effective in every single way. I bet if I saw it alone I would be terrified by it, but I saw it in the movie theater and the audience erupted with laughter at one point, because it was so bad.


James, how you doing? They can be good imobut I cniemassacre tosee something new. All that back story they provide does nothing for it. Why is Michael Myers crazy? I only knew her from Babylon5, perhaps my favourite hotror ever! I think he meant the remakes of Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm St. They were on the image; and they are two legendary films. And I am talking about the first one alone, not the sequels, especially not the last one.

Dawn of the Dead?

Yes, definitely one of the greatest remakes in history — horror or otherwise. GrahamFinch works for me, try a different browser. Night of the Living Dead totally does justice to the original movie. That was great dude!

Well Michael has to break out eventually, so I dunno, get two idiots to do something stupid! I really dig Monster Madness. Will it ever be available?

No love for Fright Night? It was just great. Later have a hysterical girl take off Leatherfaces arm with a cleaver in what, four?

It sure aint the hammer flicks: 100 actually really liked the NotLD remake because it was such a different take on the genre and it did everything well.

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I had to watch it in two parts because I fell asleep in the middle. Opinions can be wrong, like when that one jackass gave Toy Story 3 a negative review, come on. Yeah, I liked that movie too.


I feel thats what makes a truely frightening movie… is suspense and fear of the unknown. They were just ok but from from crap. Dawn of the Dead… No. She ends up stabbing him to death with a pocket knife. But everything else was awesome.

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A great remake, in my opinion. No mention of Fright Night? It must be a west coast thing, weird stuff happens out here. Great choices that the thing and the fly got there. The thing is my top favorite from all of them,though i have never rmeakes the original i will wach it to honnor one of the greatest horror films i have wached!

Is that different from regular value?

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Dawn of the Dead was an awful remake. But hey, I love different opinions…but not Dildos up my ass.

It makes him much more mysterious and frightening to not know anything cienmassacre him. It was a long time ago. I love Freddy Vs Jason! Jason is a re-make… Besides i dont think he would say that since he said that the film was entertaining in his last years monster madness.