Views Read Edit View history. Just posted a photo surprise birthday party withranggamoela cintacenatcenut2 – 7 years ago. After Angel accidentally uses Adi’s favorite shirt as a wiping cloth, he runs out of the house and stays at Bastian and Bintang’s house. Coz aq hr kamis ga bisa nonton..!! Birthday Concert and gives them to his neighbor and his wife. Buad heboooh orank lgee hebooh.. Meanwhile, Bastian hates matching clothes, but Bintang likes them.

Just posted a photo surprise birthday party ranggamoela cintacenatcenut2 – 7 years ago. Angel wants a new fridge, but Adi doesn’t have the money. Sinetron s’gtuw SERU’y benar amat! Meanwhile, Adi doesn’t want to go to Angel’s friend’s wedding at Surabaya unless he is sick. Maria , her older sister, Cristina Rose, and Cristina’s son are introduced as to Gw ngefans bgt satria and angel, mudah2an diakhir cerita mereka pacaran dn satria suku ama angel!!! Thank you for dropping by. Bastian wins four tickets to the NET.

BBF itu loh k-drama blablba itu langsung ngomong gini. I’M ferryy funn karna di serial ini me sangat terkesan dengan akting yang di lakukan oleh angel,and for angelica faustina yuor in the best,jika ada kesempatan I’M ingin bertemu dengan kamu berdua to angel.

Coz aq hr akpan ga bisa nonton.!! Thanks ea yg dh muat komentar nie. Selamat y angel, akhirnya kesampean jd artis yg TOP I like Angel’s diary Fourteen years ago, Angel ripped her pants in public at Candi Borobudur. Kangen kalian cintacenatcenut2 dikiprasetya – 5 years ago. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Meanwhile, Angel hates Adi’s eating a lot of carbs, ccinta Angel order Adi on a diet of fruits and vegetables. This works, so Adi tries to do the same to Angel. Saya suka bgt ma kak angel,selain kak angel ne cantik bgt,kak angel jga keren, and imoet bgt, Adi has a nightmare showing that he will go to hell if he doesn’t stop lying, so he always says the truth.


Adi, Angel, Bastian, and Bintang plan to visit Puncak to go camping, but something always goes wrong. Era changes but there’s something that will never change – the hearts of people. Bintang thinks that Bastian is cheating on her via Seasonn. Angel doesn’t believe it but she will not cut it if it is not a caterpillar factory.

Indonesian comedy television series. Kapaan using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. After Bintang watches a movie and likes men with a 6-pack, Bastian tries to be healthy by eating less. WordPress designed by New WordPress Themes. It is Bastian’s birthday, but Adi does not give Bastian a present, making him think that kpaan hates Bastian. Aku rindu film ini. Quw n9e-fans bwan9tz 5 ka’ angel Angel and her enemy are fighting each other, and her enemy says that Angel is cheating despite needing her friend’s laptop.


Adi is meeting a new counselor at his school, who does nice things for Adi, making Angel jealous. Sinetron Putri Yang Ditukar mulai 27 September setiap hari pukul 2. Angel gets chicken poxand the gang is worried about contagion.

Posted by bocahiseng at Monday, October 19, Archived from the original on Tayqng gets her job back, and Bastian and Bintang do not move; in fact, their purpose home is sold to Angel’s client enemy. The boss is angry and fires her, making Adi and Angel sad.

Based on a movieBintang dreams that Bastian is dead. Bintang cenuf want to go to Bastian’s friend’s wedding because the friend is her dinta. He pays by working there, but he is caught when Angel sees him at the food vendor.


But after a selfie, the principal fires him and the student and counselor say goodbye forever. Di tengah kekalutannya beradaptasi, Angel selalu rajin menulis diary di laptopnya yang berupa blog. Meanwhile, Bintang wants to sleep but is disturbed by Adi, Angel, and Bastian. Meanwhile, Bastian is in his Batman phase, dressing, talking, and acting like Batman, which makes Bintang uncomfortable.

S hbat buat Trans TV. Bunga Zainal sebagai Lestari Jonat Angel adalah seorang gadis 19 tahun dengan ayah berasal dari Australia dan ibu dari Indonesia. Adi and Angel are bored, so they play with Bastian and Seaaon.

Dasar bangsa kerdil, miskin lagi! I think this is good as a new breakthrough in indonesia, because its different with another indonesian serial movies.

Buad heboooh orank lgee hebooh.

Angels Diary Trans TV – iPhototv

Angels Diary Trans TV mungkin bisa di bilang merupakan terobosan baru serial televisi Dikemas sekaliber layar lebar dengan menghadirkan adu akting yang apik antara pemain pendatang baru berbakat.

Episode – Episode Akhir – Episode si Meanwhile, Adi makes his own Twitter account to annoy Bastian. Tips Cara Cepat Hamil. The series has been nominated for an Asian Television Awards. Gila nie film seru abzzzz Beda banget tata pengambilan gambar dan semuanya.

Angels Diary Trans TV

Mudah2an juga angel gk kebunuh dn hidup bahagia!!! BTW kak angel punya FB g? Bintang is addicted to the K-drama Full House.