After Larry Volk admits to authorities that his software for American Coin poker machines is rigged, he is murdered. See the full gallery. Mining for Murder 19 years ago. Nancy Lyon dies from arsenic poisoning. White supremacist skinheads beat an Ethiopian student, Mulugeta Seraw , to death. Her escape and later capture in Canada inspired a catchphrase “Run, Bambi, Run! Horace McKenna and Michael Woods were former cops that successfully got into the strip club business. Brown and Kevin Cummings, both of the Santa Monica Police Department , goes sour, one of them uses a gun to make a point.

When the county authorities seize a Mormon ranch for not paying back taxes and evicts its residents, handyman Tony Hamilton confronts the lawmen, and is charged with the murder of the sheriff’s deputy. Harvey’s friends and family fight to bring his killers to justice. I made a dvd set of episodes of City Confidential and have it for sale on sell. Betrayal in the Big Easy Ep 15 Aug 10, Please keep all personal information phone numbers, email addresses, etc out of public threads. If you see a rule being broken, report it and send us a message.

It contains most of the episodes from the show. He is suspected of killing his step-father, Lieth Von Stein. Drink, eat hot chicken, play disc golf Rules: The untimely death of famed strinbgean guitarist Robert Johnson in sparks a variety of theories on what happened that fateful night. Computer whiz David Brown’s fifth wife, year-old Linda, is murdered.


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Her husband becomes a suspect. Klansmen murder local communists in what becomes known as ” The Greensboro Massacre “. Joe Confortethe owner of the Mustang Ranch brothel, becomes embroiled in scandal.

Erik and Lyle Menendezthe only two sons of a stringvean record executive, brutally execute their parents, Jose and Kitty. Himself – Opry Staff Jean Shepard Hee Haw actor David “Stringbean” Akeman confidebtial his wife are found shot to death in their home.

Murder in Music City 19 years ago. Herself – Tootsie’s Waitress Sam Lovullo Take off your shoes and stay a while! After year-old Marjorie Nugent went missing for nine months, police confidrntial begin to investigate, and discover her body in the freezer of her business manager Bernie Tiede.

Ep 10 Oct 20, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Harvey’s friends and family fight to bring his killers to justice. Midnight in Miami Ep 7 Sep 28, If you’d like to discuss conifdential from there, please do it in a self post.

City Confidential – Season 1, Episode 5: Nashville: Murder in Music City –

The Politics of Murder Ep 1 Jan 1, Tina Biggar, a Catholic graduate student, leads a double life as a prostitute. This page was last edited on 3 Mayat Deadly Odds in Biloxi Ep 14 Nov 22, Rabbi Fred Neulander is suspected of murdering his wife Carol. Maryann Boczkowski drowns in her outdoor hot tub.


Her escape and later capture in Canada inspired a catchphrase “Run, Bambi, Run! The investigation of the murder of Grady Stileswho went by the name “Lobster Boy”, leads to a town for a variety of circus folks. Midnight in Miami 19 years ago.

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Crystal Todd is raped and murdered by her best friend, a former high-school football player. Tommy Burksa state senate candidate, is shot and killed a few weeks before the election. Would love to trade, I have lots to trade. Her husband is a suspect.

Murder in Music City

Their bodies are later found in a shallow grave after a rain storm. Hello, I’m looking to see if anyone has the City Confidential episode on the tragic murder epiodes Hee Haw’s Stringbean Akemen and his wife in the 70’s.

The Art of Murder Ep 9 Oct 12, Rebecca Johnson, one of the state’s wealthiest doctors, is conned out of over a million dollars before losing her life. The film even mentions the same clubs with which McKenna and Woods had partnered.