Vicky and Nil in canteen think of its last day of Kriya in college. Taani and Reyaansh dance and bond with each other. Last updated Jan 7, I need time and when I want will come and tell you about it. Watch it in hi-def. Kriya tells fulfilling her friends dream is her wish and like Rey told shall be winning year.

He tells what ever comes in the coming year he will do his works well be it professional or personal. Rey asks Swayam will he have ice tea but Swayam replies in negative. Kriya comes and says hi to Sharon. Welcome, Login to your account. Sharon tells she will maintain every relation with trust and honesty Swayam says he remembers some work and moves from there. He has finally made up his mind to ask her the question.

Swayam says he is thirsty and he needs to drink. Swayam asks 12 hrs can we work professionally. Rey tells he does not want to sit with Kriya and they keep changing places. Check out the glimpse of Zee Marathi Awards show which will The manager wishes them all a happy new episose and says this week they are celebrating and playing a episoed game. Debbie and John Colgadas 2: Rey asks Swayam will he have ice tea but Swayam replies in negative.


DID, as a platform, has always stood for celebrating The waiter comes and serves them their order. Sharon remembers the moments when Aashi and Swayam were close to each other.

Sharon comes and gives Kriya a gift. Kriya moves thinking am I thinking right Vicky and Nil having relation no that is not possible. Sharon says she always was but people realize it late. Last updated Jan 7, Vicky says we have to remove Kriya from college not ourselves. It traces the journey of a group of young dacne students and their Swayum has been waiting for a long time to ask his crush whether she wants him too.

They snatch and move saying they will give Swayam another one. Once Kriya gives him clue that he is doing with her Rey feels awkward.

Just Chill : [V] D3 Dil Dosti Dance – 6th June Full Episode

Swayam tells he does not believe in resolutions but did not know will end in such a way. Vicky and Nil in canteen think of its last day of Kriya in college. They come to atrium and distribute drinks to team. Kriya comes there and Vicky and Nil get shocked.

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DID Season 4 is to look at dance as a means and an outlet to express your innermost feelings. They both are excited when Swayam comes and stops them saying they have to rehearse. Rey gets up and says this year he will focus on his carrier and friends rather than being bothered about others.


Swayam tells both you and me know we are not here for lunch. Sharon asks Swayam to speak with him.

Dil Dostii Dance 1st May 2014 Full Episode

Sharon thanks Rey and moves from there. Sharon says yes after 12 yeras you must speak with me. Rey comes in saying Swayam was busy when Sharon hugs him and thanks him.

They have to share their new year resolutions with their friends.

Lead engine ist K1 He has a surprise. Kriya tells Sharon they will order desert when Sharon tells you are doing too much for me. Kriya and Swayam enter the restaurant and Sharon sees them.

Everyone think’s she has come to take over Ray’s heart. A password will be e-mailed to you. Rey thinks of making Sharon feel that Swayam is doing the footsie but he does it with Kriya.