I’m not sure what they were trying to prove by virtually threatening the nominees, but they failed – duh. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Jo In Sung didn’t bother going because he knew he was not going to get it. The whole point of an awards ceremony should be for the art of acting and the artistry of the film. Especially the one about the dress eating itself in shame. Criticized actor Rain leaves drunken Instagram message. If the organizers had retracted their rule immediately, I suspect the situation would have calmed down, but instead they took way too long to address the criticism.

I do think he did good in gangnam , but somehow its a pain thinking that they might have given the award to him just because the real winner was absent.. What this also means is that the red carpet was full of faces and names we may not recognize, with most of the big stars sitting out the event. Poor other nominees in that voting award vote who have movie and fans. I always envy the little-girl party dresses at these awards, despite hating party dresses when I was that age. Lol Hwang Jung Min I’m so proud of you! I made a mistake in checking dramabeans and read the first paragraph on this article.

They can all play themselves too and make it the most star studded movie ever in the history of Chungmuro lol. I don’t see how people for whom seeing some celeb in a nice dress or suit is more important than the industry’s health and the celeb’s integrity deserve any thanks.

There’s a difference between going because you won an award and going to win an award. Even if Korea’s awards aren’t that prestigious, I love seeing the stars on the red carpet. I never took awards seriously anyway because I know the real truth behind the closed doors.

Mandy November 20, at 9: The preordained disaster began daeojng the organizers announced at a press conference in mid-October that they had decided not to award actors who do not show up at the ceremony, which they deajong would strengthen fairness but instead raised questions about the legitimacy of its evaluation criteria.


Let’s backtrack a little.

And Dramafever is going to fangirl over him, also as usual. They possess such fine professionalism and humility. If they didn’t boycott it means conforming to a broken, corrupt system in which awards are not given based on merit but on politics and whether you are available to show up or not.

Even the newspapers were speculating whether or not she will attend. Maki November 20, at 9: Either way, netizens could find some reason to hate you–whatever you did. To Javabean November 22, at 4: If said “fans” love their actors so much, they would respect their efforts to cleanse this industry of these purely business-oriented and completely irrelevant to art and quality standards.

I’m not sure what they were trying to prove by virtually threatening the nominees, but they failed – duh. An unwritten and unspoken rule is there for a reason. Jeon Ji-hyun Assassination Supporting Actor: On one hand, I agree with the boycott. How many people thought he deserved the awards? October 22, at The organization had many opportunities to handle this better and they didn’t. Yeah, I have respect for the people that boycotted this event instead.

52nd Grand Bell Awards – Wikipedia

You are commenting using your Facebook account. I just care that you show up and bring prestige to our award. Gao Yuanyuan and Kang Haneul are perfection!!! If not, then whoever attends is good enough to win for us. Not after the controversies all round. Anyway, I don’t think Korean awards seriously because I always felt they were biased.

There were other offenses, such as the implementation of a pay-to-vote feature for the popularity award. Notify me of new comments via email. Can’t I vote for both of them?


It’d be better if they continue this trend to avoid major awards shows but yes, how lack lusting. I can just imagine the Kim Hye Ja situation. Those who show up last night respect their projects in which they worked. Then when Grand Bell brought it out saejong the open, the actors got the ammunition they needed to boycott the system out in the open too.

Daejong Awards marred by controversies

Daejong Film Award Organizer: Baek Jong-yeol Beauty Inside. I agree with you. So, there was no surprise when the backlash was swift and pretty much universal, and the Daejongs went from prestigious institution to laughingstock of the industry pefrormance. What’s wrong with that? Those are really dark shades.

It has not been “psst. Ode to My Father Director Award: The only ones that deserve respect are the no-name people that lay out the red carpet, set out the flowers, prepare the food etc etc.

SECRET(시크릿) @47th Annual DAEJONG Film Awards (2010.09.25)

It’s a rookie award for acting in movies. Tbh i think the only people who really boycotted were the directors and those up for the major awards best actor and actress. They all sound so reasonable on the surface, but put together, it takes on a farcical quality. Daejnog Jung-woo is daejojg of the country, Hwang Jung-min is filming a movie, Yoo Ah-in is shooting his drama Six Flying DragonsJeon Ji-hyun is in her third trimester of pregnancy, Oh Dal-soo is shooting a movie, Kim Yun-jin is filming in the States, and so on and so forth.