Now the other has to do the best she can to get her best friend back. Season 3 Episode As the Moms watch, however, Christi notes that no matter what, Abby will fix it so that Chloe wouldn’t win Singing, I would presume. Chloe’s solo hip hop routine isn’t bad per se, but I gotta admit Abby returns already ticked off that Maddie was the only dancer who made the trip out to see her.

Browse the Latest Snapshot. Season 3 Episode 8. Are you the publisher? Page 1 2 3 newer. Meanwhile, tired of being treated like a little kid, Flynn challenges Ty and Deuce to a scare off in an old abandoned house believed to be haunted by a young spirit. Season 3 Episode 9. They soon realize they’re just missing out on fun and candy, and scramble to salvage what’s left of their Halloween. Meanwhile, Deuce gets an influx of tourists to Crusty’s, who have been mislead by a misprint in a tour guide that says Crusty’s is the location where the Great Chicago Fire began.

Season 3 Episode Chloe stands there stunned, while Dr. Season 3 Episode 8.

Dance Moms Season 3: Marcie’s ideas are a episove outdated and Georgia thinks her daughter’s ideas are too outrageous and expensive. Browse the Latest Snapshot. Browse the Latest Snapshot. Chloe is in the middle of the pack, for coming in second.

Mackenzie makes it into the second row, and if that’s mims tough enough, Abby tells her she’s getting “a little too old for cute. Season 3 Episode 9.


Give me a moment to get over the shock of her statement. It’s 22 years in the future and the groups’ 20th high school reunion is just a day away. From the Abby Lee Dance Company, that is. Meanwhile, Flynn and Deuce invite Tinka to be the lead singer in their air guitar band.

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Wanting to earn her way, Rocky declines, but CeCe is determined to make her accept. Meanwhile the Moms decide that Abby best matches with Ursula. CeCe’s plans for videobul posh family vacation in Paris takes a wrong turn when she arranges a house swap with a French family and lands herself, Rocky, Flynn and Georgia on a pig farm miles outside Paris.

Rocky, CeCe and Tinka split the cost of renting a designer purse, each thinking it will help them achieve separate goals, but the bag soon proves to be worth more trouble than its price sfason.

Are you the publisher? Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Browsing All Articles 54 Articles. Meanwhile, Georgia plans Jeremy’s birthday dinner, and he is bringing over his son “little scooter” for the first time.

For dance assignments, Maddie gets a tap solo, while Mackenzie gets a solo but will not be with the group. Of course, that puts Maddie on top of the pyramid, which really videlbull just be renamed “Maddie’s Spot. It feels like forever since we’ve had a true Abby Lee Dance Moms episode, but tonight she’s back in every way imaginable.


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Because the Moms want to know why she went back on their pact NOT to send the girls out to California. Shake It Up Season 3 Episode 2. Dina wants them to dance together at the party for old times’ sake, but they can’t seem to agree on anything.

Meanwhile, Ty and Tinka realize they may have missed out on something special in high school [ But when CeCe discovers an old video of her mom at her own sweet 16 party, she sees gains an entirely new perspective on her mom.

Meanwhile, Deuce and Flynn panic after learning seqson favorite snack has been discontinued. When the “Hollywood tragedies” star coming out in costume, most of them actually look really good.

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Shake It Up Season 3 Episode 6. Meanwhile, Deuce and his dad George Lopez are all set to win the father-son bowling tournament again this year, until they find out that a mother-daughter team has joined the league — Dina and her mom. Contact us about this article.