Overall, this is not a film for kids due to the language and crude content. Finding yourself a stench-generator? Take a warm shower. I’m also here are work! Now the clay which had once shaped you has dried and stiffened. Wedding – Wesele DVD. There would be a chance. Every day, in the morning, I’m afraid to open my eyes.

Very well, mom, I’m scratching. The Dick Extract as your smell! You are fully a man. In this case it’s fine. That’s the worst of it: Entering the dry vastness of the ocean God, so it’s you?

This madness surely won’t end on me either. But I stand for full equality of rights! I thought, I’ll knock, ’cause the neighbour addresses me in verses and I, silly fool Today there’s no turn for bathing, so there’re suvtitles feet. Screw my neighbour till he’s gone!

I’m a poet now, and I’m writing myself a poem. Shopping Cart 0 items.

But have shut the gas off? The only person I love, my son, was raised in the hellishness of my marriage! Twenty years of practice, and that’s how they’re paying me!

And you, sit here, you crazy nut! The army officer is pleased when confronted by a past lover. Hello there sonny boy! Oh, brothers and sisters in studies, there were of us on the first year.


Whether I’ll do anything or not.

Subdl : Subtitle for day of the wacko dzien swira

Like if what have I been doing? Click to view All Reviews. Facing harsh treatment from their female guards, they will do anything to save themselves and to reestablish the male population.

So may years from my escape from her, dwy only love of my life. Get out of here! As if somebody hit me a smack in the face!

Polish Films in English – Day of the Wacko

Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen Get the fuck out of here with that damn concertina! What a grim absurd. So, three times the butt, while sitting on the brink of the tub. Why, it’s a dog, just. I don’t know why do I tell her this Rest, of course. Won’t finish it at all today.

I don’t see any future before me! Why, he’s alive, you old idiot! You think it’s easy to die. Why, these are needles.

Or the Vietnamese, look here at these gooks! Better I go and settle it myself.


But when the feet hack, then no socks then, no socks. Like a castaway to a coast. Though, I don’t know. Or subtitoes little of pepper?

I take the clock to the room. Don’t leave me now. Not always the little mound forms symmetrically. Have a warm milk, it’ll do you good.

Overall, this is not a subtutles for kids due to the language and crude content. Fuck, my leg’s stiff. Out of fear of dawn. Ov if they’re not too tight, not to struggle with them every time I go pee, to take a piss. Or, they nearly don’t rinse their mouths after teeth-brushing.

Would you be so kind and help me take the luggage off? With a cross for headache, also after smoking. Am I saying it right? Mom, turn it whenever I need it. It’s a shame in front of people.