Nolan interrogates a suspected Votanis Collective spy in order to prevent a catastrophic terrorist attack on New York. Bertie shows up alive and well, as does Sukar. An Arkfall crash salvage mission led by Nolan leads to danger in the form of an alien race he has never encountered before; at the same time, Stahma makes a shocking power play after she’s admonished by church elders for her growing sense of female empowerment; and Irisa begins confessing her deep, dark secrets to Tommy. Dewshane Williams as Tommy LaSalle. Christie is not pleased to see him, especially after what he did to Alak. They discover that the Ark was a Gulanee transport vessel; a surviving Gulanee attacks and kills the soldiers.

On the whole, Pilar seemed like a case of “too little, too late” for the show. Datak and Stahma free Rafe from prison to help them find Pilar and the three of them leave town to find her. Jul 2, Full Review…. Audible Download Audio Books. List of Defiance episodes. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. That would increase the pathos, drama, and conflict – as Nolan tried to be the Hero

And the formerly clean-cut Amanda Rosewater had traded the life of a mayor for one of running a brothel. It would be sweet if they did an ‘alternate timeline’ show view of if he listened to her – and the left the town to get wiped out, and just sold the iisa tech and moved south. Retrieved June 4, Season 3 has completely ruined Irisa.

Irisa keeps weason deadly secret. Dewshane Williams enjoyed a lot of great material as his character dealt with being abandoned by Irisa, trying to escape Nolan’s shadow, and eventually being drawn into Irisa’s doomsday cult.

What it did succeed in was exploring the plight of the various other characters and ensuring that just about everyone had their moments in the spotlight. All times are GMT Meanwhile, Datak sets his vengeful sights on reclaiming control over the family business.


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And while this season definitely had its moments, it never seemed to take advantage of that promising setup. TV by the Numbers.

Irisa continues with her plan to destroy the world and everyone tries to find a way to stop her. Review by Jesse Schedeen.

Jun 27, Rating: Quentin then claims to E-Rep and Nolan, that Rafe was the one who planned them bomb. Datak has sex with a hand-maiden of the Tarr family; she is found dead, eyes missing, the following day. Tony Curran as Datak Tarr. And it quickly became apparent that life in the city hadn’t changed nearly as much as fans might have expected.

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Historical Salvage – Idea: Believing she has killed Bertie and Sukar, Irisa tries to kill herself; Irzu stops her. With New York destroyed and Defiance at risk, Nolan must race against the clock to stop Irzu and save Irisa in the process. Datak blinds Scheck in a rage, and Rafe covers for him.

I think it speaks to the central flaw behind Irlsa 2 that the writers focused more on the mythology of the Votanis Collective than the more fundamental character conflicts. Datak attacks Stahma but relents before he kills her. Which would be the hook: I haven’t seen writers take such a huge steaming dump on a character since Robocop 2.

Rafe intercedes, and Nolan releases Josef on the condition that he leave Defiance.

Amanda, not having a choice, helps Mahsuvus escape defiabce Nolan stops them before they leave town. Nolan, Niles, Churchill and a squad of Earth Republic soldiers investigate an Arkfall, attempting to retrieve the ship’s energy source.

Renewed, Canceled, and on the Bubble. On the whole, Pilar seemed like a case of “too little, too late” for the show. Characters like Tommy, Alak, and Christie seqson so often felt ignored and relegated to the background in Season 1 were given much more to do this year.


But in terms of the deviance dynamic of the city, it was a surprisingly “business as usual” affair. He quickly determines there is a second bomb.

That would increase the pathos, drama, and conflict – as Nolan tried to be the Hero Stahma asks Datak to make her a partner; he refuses, and burns Alak’s hand in a record press as punishment defisnce losing control of Stahma and the business. Jul 2, Full Review…. Doc Yewll realizes what Irisa is attempting to do and decides to leave her hiding place and go to Defiance to warn them and help them stop Irisa before she can destroy the planet. It is revealed that behind the explosion was Rafe’s son, Quentin, who tells his father that he did it to defaince his mother.

Retrieved from ” https: The final showdown with the Kaziri was over as quickly as it started, leaving too little room for the tension to mount as Defiance faced its own destruction from above. I own it to PTSD. Archived from the original on November 3, Log in with Facebook. Amanda suffers from withdrawal symptoms and asks Niles for adreno an illegal stimulant.

Due to an ego implant device, Amanda, Niles and Doc Yewll are hallucinating. With the ego, they took Amanda’s memories from the last three weeks for unknown reasons.