Maya is excited to be spending the summer with Tristan on the school field trip to Paris, France. Our countdown to the Toronto International Film Festival continues and we get you red-carpet ready with all the hot places to see the stars. January 12, Season 3 – Episode 8. September 7, Season 4 – Episode Canadian premiere of Nickelback’s If Everyone Cared. January 18, Season 4 – Episode

With Alli’s beautiful trip to France coming to an end, reality sets in as she tries to figure out a way to salvage her seemingly perfect relationship with Leo. Feist, My Moon, My Man. As saddened as we are to say goodbye to Adam, we feel this storyline will affect even more lives in an authentic way August 27, Season 4 – Episode February 28, Season 4 – Episode July 19, Season 3 – Episode This page was last edited on 21 February , at December 19, Season 2 – Episode

When Adam Torresthe only transgender character in the show’s history, was killed off during this season, controversy aneak, [7] [8] [9] including a statement from GLAAD.

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November 1, Season 4 – Episode Matt Huether is also credited as a co-executive producer, Karen Hill as consulting producer, Sarah Glinski an executive producer, and Ella Schwarzman an executive post producer. We have a sneak peek at a brand new episode of the hit show LOST June 1, Season 3 – Episode December 27, Season 2 – Episode September 6, Season 4 – Episode Britney checked out of the hospital on Saturday, and then was seen out with her new boy-toy; Dr. November 8, Season 4 – Episode April 16, Season 3 – Episode August 27, Season 4 – Episode Drew is ecstatic over Bianca’s return for Thanksgiving, but when they reunite, she breaks up with him.


September 7, Season 4 – Episode Archived from the original on May 15, February 21, Season 4 – Episode We delivered all the elements a long long time ago, but then our distributor changed and there is misunderstanding whether the old or new distributor is responsible for the S13 DVD.

September 10, Season 4 – Episode April 11, Season 3 – Episode We sit down with the cast of Resurrecting the Champ ; we go on the set of the new reality show The Adrenaline Project. April 2, Season 3 – Episode January 30, Season 4 – Episode The Next Generation Season 1″.

A double heartbreak for the Bachelor last night when Brad dumped both women; Mary Kate Olsen was hospitalized with a kidney infection; we tell you all about the Canadian female singers that dominate the international music scene; we’ve got all your hot and sexy shoes.

Yates is willing to help Tristan out with his writing and offers his help June 19, Season 3 – Episode July 19, Season 3 – Episode degraszi From the parties to the fashion hits and misses, we’ve got the Oscars covered.

October 25, Season 4 – Episode She also begins to think that her cancer returned after she suffers from memory loss. Keanu Reeves was caught in a steamy lip-lock with a year old girl; Elisha Cuthbert was seen leaving a Hollywood hotspot with a mystery man; we’ve got your guide on how to pick up Paris Hilton; Sinead O’Connor shares her degrrassi on young Hollywood.


June 6, Season 3 – Episode Tristan starts developing feelings for his new teacher. Watch your favorite shows on Prime Video.

The romantic tension that’s been building boils over at Wild Wild West night. The Next Generation Canadian television seasons Canadian television seasons.

March 27, Season 3 – Episode February 2, Season 3 – Episode Archived from the original on May 24, Becky tries to understand the meaning behind Adam’s unexpected death and rallies together a couple of friends degrrassi order to throw him a bonfire; Drew takes his brother’s death the hardest and wanders through the city alone, and Clare has trouble honoring Adam and teams up with Eli to create a tribute video.

May 7, Season 3 – Episode The director of photography is Mitchell T. June 25, Season 3 – Episode First episode to air on MTV Canada.

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Zig wants to prove that he can become a good chef at his new restaurant job. August 26, Season 5 – Episode 2. Still hung up over Becky, Adam takes Dallas’ advice and decides to move on with his life by hooking up with Imogen, although he soon realizes that getting over his past is difficult when his future is looking blurry. The Next Generation season 3.