The enemy of Ertugrul in this Season is the right man of Ogeday named Noyan. He led a rebellion in Kayi tribe against Suleyman Shah, who killed him before the beginning of the series. This leads to Emir Bahattin’s death with Albasti and Dragos still at large. Exiled prince of the Seljuk Sultanate of Rum. Ertugrul now suspects Zangoc of being Dragos and tasks Mergen to track him. Historical fiction Adventure Romance.

Second son of Suleyman Shah and Hayme Hatun. He is only seen when Selcan Hatun has a vision of him. He is the friend of Noyan who is against Turks and Muslim state. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Roshaan is also in a love with a girl. For his ambitions, he also works with enemies. Television series about the Ottoman Empire Turkish television series debuts. So a number of the new and old on-screen characters played their execution with profoundly and healthily to make the tale of the Dirilis Episode 45 7 December more stunning.

Sitray refuses to hand over the chest, allies with Dragos and Lefke Castle, and tasks Ilbilge Hatun with spying for him in the tribe. An Armenian gold miner and gold smith who became a slave.

Ertugrul is obviously diriois a mission to his holy path so everyone is now against him. Noyan and Ertugrul team up to deliver a peace treaty, but it is broken when Ogedei dies. There are lot fighting scene in the Season 2 and some Emotional scenes are there which are very tearful.

A lot of people of Kayi Tribe are martyred and a lot of swearing wounded. Without knowing the true identity of the rescued prisoners that they belong to a noble family of the Seljuk Empire Ertugrul and his friends bring them to the nomad group.

He is curious and has no attitude in any event. Guldarro is always against him and always thinking that he is right and Ertugrul is playing only crazy games. He frequently runs chasing with his three nearby men. Became Korkut Bey’s wife only to help her brother’s cunning mission. She is of Greek origin and is a hidden Christian. The Emir of Seljuk in Konya who is a puppet of the Mongols.


But later he betrayed him, wanting to be the commander of the troops. He later he betrayed him when he realized that Ural broke his promise to him. Television series about the Ottoman Empire Turkish television series debuts. Babar still says that his love is his sword and his child is Horse. Sultan Alaeddin’s younger son with his wife Melike Adile Hatun, whom he wants to be the heir to his throne. Ogeday is a son of Changez Khan.

Osman’s eye is constantly on the outside world. Simko, a slave trader, gave her to Ares as a present, which the real cause he gave her is to spy on Ares. Falsely reveals himself to be Dragos to Ertugrul in order to trap him. Following a failed ambush, Ertugrul captures Ares and promises to set him free if he confesses to the Sultan about Kopek’s misdeeds.

Dirilis Episode 45 7 December Has a big hatred towards Turgut Bey. Ertugrul and Halime have a son in the second season.

Dirilis Episode 14

He disappeared for years, and his family thought he was dead, but then he diripis as the Sultan’s spy to the Mongols. Killed in a Mongol raid against the Kayi tribe. Fights with an axe instead with a traditional sword. Suleyman is imprisoned by Beybolat for speaking out against his beylik, but escapes and runs to rejoin his father and uncles. However, Ural is devious and seeks his father’s beylik, and does anything to achieve this.

SHO Bhatti Episode 47 on Hum Sitaray in High Quality 9th November P 2 – video dailymotion

Aslihan deals with the arrival of Bahadir Bey, her uncle who seeks her beylik. A hatun of the Dodurga tribe. Son of Korkut Bey. Wants to become margrave, or high ranking military commander of the Seljuks. Ertugrul’s escape from the Mongols and subsequent return to his tribe creates internal strife between him and his cousin Tugtekin, the head alp of the Dodurga.


Copper and other metallic accessories are accumulated from various parts of Turkey. Second son of Suleyman Shah and Hayme Hatun. They capture the family, make Beybolat the uc bey, Artuk Bey the new bey of diilis Kayilar, and command Ertugrul to hand over the chest or else they take Osman’s life. However, he is annoyed and insecure when Bamsi beats him in a friendly fight, storming off. In the second season, Ertugrul is captured by the Mongols, led by Baycu Noyan. Giyaseddin becomes the new Sultan and imprisons Ertugrul until Ibn Arabi rescues him.

Despite his young age, he is separated from his peers with his wit and courage. Retrieved from ” https: After defeating Gumustekin and Noyan, the tribe is split between joining Huj on the Western border of Anatolia, dirilix staying with Gundogdu and Sungurtekin. His mother is from the Ayyubid Dynasty. Following Ertugrul’s conquest of the Hanli Bazar, Ural Bey is sentenced to death for his role in destroying property, killing Ertugrul’s Alps, and killing the Tekfur of Karacahisar.

After Bahadir Bey’s treachery, Ertugrul executes him and conquers Karacahisar, leaving Ares to go on the run. In the third season, Ertugrul deals with the Cavdar tribe, the most powerful tribe in the western region of Anatolia. Dirilis Episode 45 on Hum Sitaray 7 December on this site later the broadcast.

As for the choreography of the show, Nomad, the special choreography crew of movies such as The Expendables 2, 47 Ronin, and Conan the Barbarian, was invited to Turkey. Very loyal to her husband and his cause.

These threats cause some nomads to blame Suleyman Shah for poor leadership in not avoiding these problems.