Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. The motive of a horror movie is to give shocks with entertainment. Audible Download Audio Books. Movie Pictures -Party abhi baaki hai: She forces her husband to fulfill her maternal uncle’s demands for money all the time. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. He has a big estate and was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Meena nurses him and constantly prays to God to make him well soon. Finally they come home only to realize that the keys to the safe are still in Rajvansh’s pocket. Rajvansh takes Anjali to his house, so as to make her feel comfortable. Time goes by and Rajvansh begins to realize that Anjali and Mama ji are exploiting his wealth. Meena looks after Rajvansh while Anjali sits idling away her time and avoids contact with Rajvansh. Anjali begins to see Rajvansh’s corpse walking out at night.

We can make out that his experiment involves raising the dead.

Imtiaz Khan as Anand has a considerable part in the movie, which he has done justice to. On the way he finds a girl in trouble. One day, Rajvansh saves a beautiful girl, who turns out to be a teacher at a local school. Tulsi Ramsay as R. Mama ji is a man of vices. Anijli meets her old friend Anand and ask’s him to pose as a doctor while she secretly romances him when Rajvansh catches them red handed,Anjili and Anand kill him for his property and bury him in graveyard Rajvansh turns into a zombie to revenge his killers.

Mama ji realizes that Rajvansh is now no more than a crippled horse and should hence be murdered. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. The motive of a zzmeen movie is to give shocks with entertainment. This article does not cite any sources. At night Anjali and Rajvansh are unable to hold their emotions and make love.

In the meantime, Anjili meets her old lover Anand with the help of her uncle and convinces him to stay at her home as a doctor and pretend to treat Rajvansh. Her father went missing during The characters are more than believable and have performed to their best limits. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It seems he was scared to death after seeing the zombie, and tumbled down as he lost his balance.


The keys are later found in Mama ji’s pocket, but he doesn’t how he got them there.

Do Gaz Zameen Ke Neeche (1972)

Rajvansh loses his ability to walk. The Zee Horror Show — Shobna as Anjali has performed to her diabolic best. The girl is being chased and manhandled by some roughnecks.

One night Anand injects a highly potent poison into Rajvansh’s body. Soon, they realize the key to the safe which contains lots of cash and money is missing.

Navin Nischol, Sarika, Om Shivpuri. Hindi-language films films Indian films Indian horror films horror films s Hindi-language films. During this time Rajvansh realizes the selfishness of his wife and selflessness of Meena.

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Since the plot is simple here, one is easily able to concentrate on the storyline, and as there are several scenes that make you jump off your seat, the movie is fairly crawly as well. Add the video to your site with the embed code above.

Dharamdas is killed by Dhanraj and his man later one by one Dharamdas killers are killed but it puts question to everyone as whose behind all this killings?

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Raj lives a wealthy lifestyle and mocie in love with his college sweetheart Kamal he is seduced by and elderly woman Mona who comes to work in his house as a teacher,Mona is soon found dead in Raj’s bedroom and her spirit starts kee haunt him. Meena realizes that Anjali and Rajvansh share a sour relationship. Meena moie him and constantly prays to God to make him well soon. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


A wealthy male banishes a demon, but years later his very own daughter resurrects it. Housebound Full movie new action movies HD english movi action movie romantic movie horror movie adventure movie Canadian movie usa movie world movie seris movies comedian movie London movie talugu movies hindi movies in.

Finally, we have Satyen Kappu playing cunning ‘Mama ji’, who is a wolf in lamb’s skin. I grew up hearing stories about this movie and most of the people who watched it, recommended it.

Retrieved from ” https: A few days later, Rajvansh is shown experimenting in his laboratory, when a fuming chemical spills on the table and somehow mixes with drinking water in the jug. Movie Pictures -Party abhi baaki hai: Meera starts respecting Rajvansh which doesn’t go well with Anjili. Kindly Please gives for subcribe on my channel.

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She hears his voice. He soon realizes his marriage isn’t working as his wife and her uncle always demand money from him. Anjili is least concerned. Rajvansh’s friend and family doctor advises him to get admitted to the hospital for better treatment, for which Anjili flatly refuses stating he will never recover in zakeen hospital and she will search for a better doctor for him.