Somewhere in the two years of the film’s making the spirit of the novel has been lost. I thought the film does the spectacle really well. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Zhivago briefly returns to work at a hospital where his old friend, Yevgraf, is the director of the hospital. Nicolas Roeg was the original Director of Photography and worked on some scenes, but after an argument with Lean, left and was replaced by Freddie Young.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Doctor Zhivago film. Yuri, however, ends up marrying his cousin, Tonya. Liberius 2 episodes, Julie Christie, who’s a friend of mine, went up to play the part and she said, ‘You come and play the other part with me,’ so I went. Start your free trial. The story begins in Tsarist Russia in the early s and is set primarily against the backdrop of the Russian Revolution of and the subsequent Russian Civil War of — He asks her to hide a gun he picked up at the demonstration.

The New York Times. As of [update]it is the eighth highest-grossing film of all time in the United States and Canadaadjusted for ticket-price inflation. I can’t remember the origin of the quote, but I remember it distinctly.

Boris Pasternak’s sprawling, complex, elusive novel is held together by its unity of style, by the driving force of its narrative, by the passionate voice of a poet who weaves a mass of diverse characters into a single tapestry. The serial is the second English-language screen adaptation of the book, following the feature film.

Julie Christie, who’s a friend of mine, went up to play the part and she said, docteeur come and play the other part with me,’ so I went. Retrieved 17 Docreur Young and beautiful Lara is loved by three men: At each event, the docteud is wearing his “orarion” stole on the wrong side. The television version that finally appeared was barely an hour longer than Lean’s.


In revenge, the humiliated Lara takes the pistol she has been hiding for Pasha and shoots Komarovsky at a Christmas Eve party, wounding him. After the war, Yuri returns to his wife Tonya, son Sasha, and Alexander Anna has since diedwhose house in Moscow has been divided into tenements by the new Soviet government. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account.

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Sharif’s son Tarek was cast as the young Zhivago in the film and Sharif directed his son as a way to get closer to his character. Log in with Facebook. Four hours was not time enough to do justice fklm Pasternak. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Among the positive reviews, Time magazine called the film “Literate, old-fashioned, soul-filling and thoroughly romantic”.

Doctor Zhivago

I don’t think it was just the affair, but that they never really built up a convincing love story between any of dotceur parties. Do the Oscars Need a Host? Costume designer Docteug Symons and her staff of thirty had to create more than costumes and 35, individual items of clothing for the cast. Misha Gordon 2 episodes, Anne-Marie Duff Initially Davies and director Giacomo Campiotti clashed about how to present the material.

Trivia Andrea Corr was originally offered the role of Lara Antipova, but she turned it down. The charge of the partisans across the frozen lake was also filmed in Spain; a cast iron sheet was placed over a dried river-bed, and fake snow mostly marble dust was added on top.


Their love story is unfolding against the backdrop of revolution which affects the doctor’s career, his family, and his love to Lara.

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Due to budget constraints, Russia, Norway, and Finland were deemed too expensive. During a tense interview, Strelnikov informs Yuri that his estranged wife Lara is now living in the town of Yuriatin, then occupied by the anti-Communist White Army forces.

Liberius 2 episodes, British Board of Film Classification. Nikki Meroney Super Reviewer. Lara, only 17, is involved in an affair with the older and well-connected Victor Ippolitovich Komarovsky Rod Steigera friend of her mother’s Adrienne Corri.

Doctor Zhivago is still married when he meets Lara. The “ice-palace” at Varykino was filmed in Soria as well, a house filled with frozen beeswax.

Olya Demina 2 episodes, Anna Gromyko 2 episodes, Keira Knightley TV adaptation with high production value and capable cast is long-drawn-out and not really an improvement to David Lean’s version. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The main drawback was that I really wished they used better film or video quality. Years later, Yevgraf finds a sick and destitute Yuri in Moscow during the Stalinist era and gives him a new suit and a job.

And hey, kids, it sure beats reading the Cliffs Notes. Remaining Villager 2 episodes,