AC-3 is the third perceptual coding system developed by Dolby Laboratories. This phenomenally rapid acceptance of a sophisticated new technology was not without drawbacks, however. If sound is not restored, check that bypass power is connected to the CP Fortunately, the typical home listening room is usually friendlier to good sound reproduction than a large hall or theatre. Nevertheless, their overall sound balance should be as close as possible to the front speakers. The last option I could think of is a direct connection to the speakers through a mini-mixer of some sort

Conversely, if you play back a non-Dolby tape with the Dolby switched on, it will sound too dull, with attenuated treble. DTS-encoded audio discs suitable for 35 mm film playback. For viewers seated in the middle, center channel information will appear as a phantom image between the left and right speakers. This principle also applies to the surround speakers. The use of surround is an art that varies from program to program. Be sure to audition center speakers carefully, particularly those that use multiple small drivers to achieve a low profile. The surround signal will also be reproduced by the left and right speakers, but it will be heard out-of-phase, which will diffuse the image. THX-licensed amplifiers are designed so that, in conjunction with licensed speakers, your home theatre can achieve virtually the same loudness levels reached in movie theatres.

Controlling the Effects of Channel Crosstalk. However, while two different sounds may seem to have the same average loudness, it is likely that, on an instantaneous basis, one of them will be dominant over the other and that the dominance will continuously alternate between them.

Slide the lamp back into its base in the soundhead, replace the rear cover assembly, and tighten the six screws. This automation takes a lot of pressure off of the projectionist on the night! Use this method in an emergency situation, or If you are not sure if Utrecht, The Netherlands Posts: As its many announced and potential applications attest, Dolby AC-3 is unusually versatile.

The unit is shipped in Standard Mode, which allows selection of eight commonly used formats. Filmmakers, however, continued to regard four channels left, center, right, and surround-as the minimum necessary to create a convincing, lifelike sound field.

These manuals are designed to facilitate the exchange of information related to cinema projection and film handling, with no warranties nor obligations from the authors, for qualified field service engineers.

With control circuits, the decoder can decide to eliminate the unwanted dialogue leakage by turning down the gain of the left and right speakers, leaving only the desired center output audible.

In this example, the screen tells you that the fader setting has been adjusted to 6. Open the front panel and operate the pushbutton switch located on the right-hand side of the unit.


In it we touch upon most of what you need to know to select, set up, and get the most out of a home theatre system with Dolby Surround. These factors led to Dolby’s introduction of Pro Logic, the second generation in Dolby Surround decoding technology.

Since it is the relative level of one sound to another which determines the perception of separation, it is desirable to have sensing circuits that ignore absolute signal level in favor of being responsive to the difference in level between two signals the equivalent of taking their ratio.

Some models are powered by built-in amplifiers, while others are designed to be driven by your existing amplifier, or, for better results, by a separate bass amp. Follow the color code used on most connectors and cables to prevent confusion. In this example, though, the music did not emerge unaltered from the left channel after the center signal was removed; the inverted right signal was mixed with it.

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Dolby Laboratories then devised a simple method to emulate the overall effect of Dolby Stereo in a home environment by recovering these extra surround cinnema effects. Before processsor discuss decoders, however, it is necessary to see how the MP Matrix encoder works.

When showing either 35mm or 70mm film, the sound readers pick up the information on the film print proceesor send this to the relevant processor. The C input is divided equally to Lt and Rt with a 3 dB level reduction to maintain constant acoustic power in the mix. As described above, Pro Logic decoding may be implemented by analog or digital means.

Carpeting on the floor and drapes on large picture windows will cut down on mid- and high-range sound reflections that can add harshness to music or muddy the dialogue.

In Dolby AC-3, bits are distributed among the filter bands as needed by the particular frequency spectrum or digitsl nature of the program. If you have such a system or are planning one for your home, this Guide is for you.

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Among your considerations should be the following: However, that is not why it is used in Dolby Surround decoders. Processpr also should keep the timbre, or tonal quality, of sounds from changing as they move from one channel to another across the front.

If you then unplug the left speaker, you will hear how loud the right speaker had to be to make this happen.

It must actually reach you in stereo to be properly decoded, however. A total of one-half the power of one main front channel is usually sufficient for the cp500. And what the audience hears today, both in the cinema and at home, is very much the result of a continuing effort to improve film sound originally undertaken by Dolby Laboratories more than twenty years ago.


There are two sets of dots; the first is approximately eight seconds before the end of the reel and indicates to the projectionist when to start the film moving through the second projector. The other two LEDs above and below these indicate which projector is selected.

The map figures similarly represent separation measured with a purely dominant, steady-state test tone signal. To print the manual completely, please, download it. When you perform the Dolby Level calibration on the CP as this film plays, you are making sure that the tone on the film is converted to a standard reference voltage at the inputs to the decoders. Your surround speakers will now reproduce surround information on all Dolby Surround encoded program material at close to the originally intended level.

And it has been selected to provide digital surround sound with HDTV broadcasts in the US, which are expected to begin experimentally in If, like most Pro Logic decoders, yours has an automatic balance control, you needn’t worry about adjusting input balance. It may also be possible to use your TV’s built-in speakers for the center channel if there is adequate power and fidelity, and if the set has appropriate audio inputs check your owner’s manual.

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With an elaborate system in particular, a home theatre specialist can help you choose the right equipment, and install it in a way that both sounds right and complements your decor. This approach is particularly recommended if you plan an elaborate system. Dolby Digital offers a dramatic step forward in listener involvement and excitement. Proocessor power is present, see if CP bypass transformer is installed correctly. Find all posts by jmattchan. Dolby AC-3 is the only multichannel perceptual coding technology with this kind of real-life experience behind it.

Processkr Cine-IPM 2K, our alternate content processor, allows us to display content using the projector that the server would not normally accept non-DCI compliant content cinems necessary, such as for our pre-film slideshow. The maximum loudness level favored by most listeners and their neighbors!