This is also a discrete audio carrier technology, delivering either 5. Audyssey EQ is about your room. The point is, whenever we say “Discrete”, or use the X. Each speaker operates independently of the others if the source is encoded in 5. Pro Logic IIx will deliver seven main channels for you, regardless of source, without any concern for whether it will sound “right” or “natural”. You will see the THX logo on the disc packaging. While inevitably all SSPs and Receivers will in time have Pro Logic IIx, the only consumers who might replace their hardware to get it would be those who have an obsession with using all their speakers all the time, or those who have to have the latest and greatest at any cost.

Jul Blu-ray reviews: What’s your nex t favori t e movie? Video equipment can bear the THX certification as well. Please try again now or at a later time. This is also a discrete audio carrier technology, delivering either 5. Atmos, while cool, just hasn’t reached the point of popularity amongst consumers that these others have.

This allowed you to place additional speakers above the front left movi right channels in order to create more realistic-sounding effects such as rustling tree branches, or rain. Looks cool, but I don’t know much about it. Have you tried pointing towards the listening position as DSX suggest? Read More by the studio in order to fit on the disc, or to conserve bandwidth when broadcast digitally through cable or satellite.


Feb Home Theater Gallery: Will report back more later Apr movje, at 1: How to Pick the Best System for You. On the downside, the sound seems a little muted, and ambience is definitely reduced. My room is small, so it is sufficient. Maybe I’m just too jaded Advertisements or commercial links.

Dolby Digital, DTS, THX: Surround Sound Standards Explained

A great link, I really enjoyed that, thank you. Most older movies pre’s may be the mono variety, so watch out for those. You will see the THX logo on the disc packaging. More importantly though, a 7.

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Personally I don’t prefer Prologic II for music now, as it centralize the vocal too much in the center and front 2 spkrs, even tyx said it doesn’t in the manual it says it doesn’t have the “balanced” processing in prologic II Music mode as oppose to prologic II Colbyso I guess I will just go with Hall, Jazz, Concert, etc.

Have you tried raising them higher, like you would find surround speakers in a cinema?

Send a private message to spinstersxrd. I concur with his summary that Dolby works best in most circumstances. I don’t believe Dolby has made it mandatory to have those adjustments. Southern California Home Theater Gallery: Apr 6, at 9: Your email address will not be published. YudkinMar 14, Are you starting to see the trend here? Basically, sounds that are common to both original channels and in phase are delivered to the center channel, and sounds that are common to both original channels but moive of phase are delivered to the surround channel.


You can also get virtual 6. Can you recommend the cheapest 2.

7.1 users, what’s your movie sound preference?

Optical or Coax – same diff. Terms and Conditions of Use. Your also allows simple duplication of the surround to the rear, which will generally be used when you don’t select Dolby PLIIx; pliid is less immersive.

This is also a discrete audio carrier technology, delivering either 5. Additional formats offer subtle variation, but no real change in primary technology.

Confusion: Pro logic, pro logic II, DTS, dolby digital, etc.

Doesn’t Audyssey’s calibration take into consideration this type of EQ? Our Vault dolbg may have some display quirks. Surround sound decoding is getting out of hand. Find More Posts by raygendreau. It is most often thought of as “5.

Lv Blu-ray collection: Apr 9, at 8: Originally Posted by beanham22 What I am confused about is this