Contemporary critics were generally disappointed, complaining of its length at over three hours and claiming that it trivialized history, but acknowledging the intensity of the love story and the film’s treatment of human themes. Yevgraf, now a member of the Cheka , informs him his poems have been condemned by Soviet censors as antagonistic to Communism. Convoy Officer 2 episodes, Retrieved from ” https: Full Cast and Crew. You made an impression.

In , it was ranked by the American Film Institute 39th on their Years The New York Times. Pasha runs to Lara, whom he wants to marry, to treat his wound. The life of a Russian physician and poet who, although married to another, falls in love with a political activist’s wife and experiences hardship during World War I and then the October Revolution. Zhivago assures him Lara and his daughter are safe, and Strelnikov kills himself. Before their departure, Yuri and Lara fall in love, but Yuri remains true to Tonya, who became his wife. Over time, however, the film’s reputation has improved greatly.

Retrieved 17 October — via The Guardian. Retrieved November 18, When Komarovsky learns of Lara’s intentions to marry Pasha, he tries to dissuade Lara, and then rapes her.

Their lives become intertwined with the drama of Russian revolution. In revenge, the humiliated Lara takes the pistol she has been hiding for Pasha and shoots Komarovsky at a Christmas Eve party, wounding him.


Views Read Edit View history. It spent 26 weeks atop The New York Times best-seller list. That is an area you just don’t go down. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Doctor Zhivago is about to get Retrieved 10 March Was this review helpful to you? Mutilated Man 2 episodes, We have a completely different ending to the novel. Agitator 2 episodes, Olya Demina 2 episodes, Maryam d’Abo Full Cast and Crew. gilm

Although she fell under the wagon, she escaped serious injury and returned to work within three weeks and did not perish or lose a limb. Yuri’s funeral is well attended, a surprise to Yevgraf as Yuri’s poetry was officially “unobtainable at the time”.

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Sarah Miles, the actress who was twice married to Bolt, said: Anna Gromyko 2 episodes, Her real age was consistent with that of the young Lara yet she convincingly bridged the gap to the young mother of the later part of the novel. This page was last edited on 11 Septemberat On Disc at Amazon.

Sharif was quite surprised when Lean suggested that he play Zhivago himself. Komarovsky insists no action be taken against Lara, who is escorted out. Yuri and Lara renew their relationship. Liberius 2 episodes, The love scenes were tender, yet passionate and Director Giacomo Campiotti is to be congratulated on his sensitive rendering of these.


I was hoping you wouldn’t remember schiwzgo. Victor Komarovsky 2 episodes, Alexandra Maria Lara Instead, they return to the abandoned Varykino estate, taking up residence in the banned main house, where Yuri begins writing the “Lara” poems. Wikiquote has quotations related to: In Doctor Zhivago, the life of a young doctor is intertwined with the fate of Russia at the beginning of the 20th century.

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Yevgraf arranges for travel passes and documents in order for Zhivago and his family to escape from the continuing unrest in Moscow to the far away Gromeko estate at Varykino in the Ural Mountains.

Retrieved 24 August Originally aired 2 January on CBS. AlbertaCanada was considered until the producers learned the previous year’s snowfall had been minimal. None of these things really came out in the movie, but they are there in the book. Sasha Zhivago 2 episodes, Jan Unger