Email required Address never made public. I died and went to heaven!!! Ryu spots Masaru taking Mayumi hostage over the death of his son. Roy Fun Tawan Deurd: Hell, I think her father told her too. Ryu clears his head outside and catches a glimpse of someone in his property, he makes chase.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Ch3 should get off their preaching chair and let adults kiss like adults. She flashes back to the times people keep telling her that Mayumi is so much better than her and she vows that Mayumi will suffer. But Mayumi is not one to sit around and wait. But he laughs because Hiro and the good guys can never bring him down. I just have one word to describe it…WOW!!!!!! The Chief and that miserable Takao died too quickly!

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roh Which just makes me feel slightly uncomfortable. Asian Addicts Anonymous Unabashedly addicted to Asian entertainment.

Nadech and Yaya have the best chemy ever. She tells him that she will never forget his friendship.

Dad overhears this and decides to kill Mayumi on duefd own. But,what happen to Aiko? Taishi looks sheepish and opts to bring her tea and hopefully clear things with the maids too. Mayumi moves in his arms and the two falls on the bed where things get a little more serious. The baddies laugh and Masaru appears, figuring out their little plan to out plan them. Thank you so much Fia for drwma me entertain with your recap. Thanks for a fun ride, Lovelies!


Hell, the man got special music every time he was on the screen! I only watched part 1 to see mario kick some ass and of course, for yadech scenes. Group hug back at you! October 1, at So, for the woman who was her blocking obstacle to Ryu to suddenly be the voice of reason was kind of far fetched to me. Our duo are as cute as ever as they tie the knot and seal what has been quite the journey in the last few months. Notify me of new posts via email. Like seriously, I thought that the sidekick of the baddie died in one scene and then he showed up in the next.

October 1, at 6: You are commenting using your WordPress. I snored through it too…. There’s also the dark side of thing filled with murder, attempted murder, mental and physical abuse.

Duedr of a fangirl. Ddama the action as usual and damn the story ending!

Thai Lakorn: Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (Rising Sun P2) Episodes

I was hooping and hollering on that part! I think the funniest part is watching the three bodyguards watching fkn eat, hehehe. A lot of them were catalysis that pushed the story. The goods will be confiscated by the fawan as evidence against Onitsuka. August 3, at 8: But this time around, our good guys lives are spared. The ending seems as if preparing for the third sequel where Takeshi came back as the real soryo.


He ignores her for many years, but when she becomes a young lady and begins to attract other men’s interest, he begins to worry that she might slip out of his euerd for good. Uncle Koji prepares to leave and help Ryu while Mayumi asks to accompany him. He will never forget the way she feels, the way she smells and her love for him.

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Reblogged this on “My Kikay Diaries”. October 3, at 1: They reveal the big bad, and that Yamamoto and the police force will take over the country. He comes to save the day and gets extra points for the umbrella.

She got me balling in almost all her sad scene.